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Would anyone like to play my hobby is weirder than your hobby? My hobby is researching old patents, trademarks, prints and labels not all of which are online hence the need for this website! The tabs above correspond to the major categories of Historic Intellectual Property I'm interested in. There's a glossary with definitions and spelled out acronyms in case you aren't as far off the deep end as I am.

Historicip.com vs uspto.gov
IP Typehistoricip.com
X Patents9 that aren't on uspto.gov are here
Reissued Patents23 early ones that aren't on uspto.gov are here
Plant Patentsstatistics here and plant pantents with cpcs are here
Modern fractional patentsTwo that aren't on uspto.gov are on this page
pre 1920 patent holderssearchable here
TESS trademark searches~600,000 trademarks that aren't searchable on uspto.gov can be searched here. Classifications for about a third of them are here.
TSDR trademark documents~10,000 registration certificates that aren't on uspto.gov Links returned in the above search results. Like Raggedy Ann for example. You won't be able to find it on uspto.gov
Inadvertently Issued Trademarksa list is here
Withdrawn Trademarksa list is here
prints and labels
(early forms of copyrights)
nothing about them on uspto.gov See their menu items above
Design patent D17061
and trademark 17061
not quite right on uspto.gov as explained on this page

Be sure to check out the Trademarks -> OCR Search. I believe this site is the only site on the internet with this! Search over one million mostly dead trademarks. 0ver 60% of them are not in the patent office's online Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). Read more about this here. Also the Patents -> Patentee Search is a uniquely created, though incomplete, list of pre 1920 US patent holders not found anywhere else on the web! Lately I've been playing around with the patentsview api and Pair Bulk Data api Update: the uspto has shutdown Pair Bulk Data. I've just begun checking out its replacement Patent Examination Data System (PEDS).

For the record I'd like to state emphatically that I have the utmost respect and admiration for the United States Patent Office. They have made a staggering amount of data available to the whole world. There is, however, a sliver of data of keen interest to me that is not available either on their web site or in any media they distribute. This site will attempt to A) make data available here that isn't on their otherwise awesome web site and B) point out what data I would like to get my hands on! And since historic IP should not be limited to the US, I have recently added a searchable version of the Canadian Patent Classification system which was superseded right around the time the Berlin Wall fell.

Almost all of the missing online data has no legal standing and would only be important to someone interested in Historic Intellectual Property. Inactive trademarks, for example, have no bearing on current trademarks or trademark applications and thus are given short shrift on the patent office's web site. They are in the business of issuing patents and trademarks so this is understandable yet regrettable.

Expired patents do have standing as Prior Art- something once patented cannot be patented again. I have found a handful of expired patents, that are admittedly odd and some that are extremely old, that are not on the patent office's web site. I have made them available on this site. (hint click on the Patents tab).

The google ads are a way for me to pay for this web site and hopefully to fund the acquisition of more Historic Intellectual Property! Before going commercial my Historic Intellectual Property online presence was limited to nonesuchtools.com/patent, datamp.org, and the patent searching page I wrote for the Midwest Tool Collector's web site, archived here.

Russ Allen

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