CPC Trouble

So far I've come across 171 patents (2.2% that I've checked) that don't have a cpc listed on uspto.gov. A text file of the patent numbers is here. I found a web page with a great skull graphic on it that says design and plant patents will not be getting cpc assignments. (Empirically though I have seen plant patents with cpcs).

Patents without CPCs
1,540,886Hydraulic pressure controlling device
1,251,133boring tool crazy!
1,242,710file cleaning implement
1,236,384alloy of tungsten and molydbenum
1,236,245holder for insecticides
1,236,191propelling mechanism for vessels
1,236,075extension table
1,236,054feeding mechanism for can body blanks
1,235,987receptacle (whatsit?)
1,235,942machine for producing bundles of yarn or thread
1,235,910coin carrier (think ice cream man!)
1,235,852process for removing the combined sulfur from vulcanized rubber
1,235,851helmet for aviators
1,235,850process of devulcanization
1,235,815process of treating boiler-water
1,235,796automatic controlling means for electric heaters
1,235,764steam generator
1,235,757machine for treating rubber and other heavy plastic material
1,235,753type writer platen
1,235,725internal combustion engine
1,235,692glass cover
1,235,661freezing fish and other goods in cases or freezing-molds
1,235,639electrically conrolled door operating mechanism
1,235,605thread guiding device for crocheting

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