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I mentioned the fact that the modern fractional patents are not online to the patent office in 2008 but as of the last time I checked they have not been made available at In fact, the patent office has only done one of the many things I've suggested! (To be fair it is one more suggestion than google patents has implemented!)

Prior Art be darned, the patents listed on this page are not available online at

Modern Fractional Patents

These modern fractional patents are on microfilm produced by the uspto. I made copies when I found myself at the Public Search Facility in Alexandria, VA. Scans and ocr results are available at these links: Here is a page that discusses modern fractional patents and contains links to modern fractional patents that are online.

Fractions in Patent Numbers at

A page used to exist on that explained how trailing letters were added to represent the fractional component of patent numbers that needed them. A copy of that page is here.

Reissued Patents

While working on my reissued patents page for this site I noticed that these are not online at so I added them here: Press the search button below to issue a search on the uspto's site for these reissued patents. The patents do not have classifications or pdf files (click the Images button of each page).

X Patents

These much, much older X patents are on the USAPat dvd's the uspto produced but they are not online at The images on the USAPat dvds were converted to pdf's and the contents were ocr'ed and made available right here:
Here is a page that explains X and fractional X patents with links to the ~2,000 that are online at