Lables 557 - 644
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5571876-02-29Kellogg, Edward H., New York, N. Y. "Transparent Engine and Spindle Oil"
5511876-02-29Bow, Wallace E., Fowlerville, N. Y. "W. E. Bow's Star Liniment"
5831876-03-07Purcell, William, New York, N. Y. "Purcell's Pine Tar Cough Syrup"
5841876-03-07Remington, Bookman, Philadelphia, Pa. "Pennsylvania Centrals Wool Filling"
5851876-03-07Scholz, Louis, Cincinnati, Ohio. "Dr. Arnold Withelmy's Genuine Essence of Alpine Herbs"
5861876-03-07Stachelberg & Co., M., New York, N. Y. "Patriota"
5871876-03-07Wolf & Co., J., New York. N. Y. "The American Popular Five Cent Segar"
5691876-03-07Houriet, Jules, Terre Haute, Ind. "Swiss Ague Cure"
5681876-03-07Dickson, Joshua Z., San Francisco, Cal. "Dickson's Brilliant Carmine Ink"
5721876-03-07Littell. John M., New York, N. Y. "J. M. Littesll's Silver Premium Soap"
5711876-03-07Lewis, Winslow N., Boston, Mass. "Lewis' Old English Liniment"
5701876-03-07Jungk K. Cincinnati, Ohio. "Lactine- The Beat Substitute for healthy Mother Milk"
5781876-03-07Coffin & Altemus, Philadelphia, Pa. "These Goods are Highly Recommended to The Trade"
5801876-03-07Guild, J. H., Rupert, Vt. "Green Mountain Asthma Cure"
5791876-03-07Gould, Pearcc & Co., Cincinnati, Ohbio. "Improved Cottage Carpet Warp"
5771876-03-07Chinnock, George H, Brooklyn, N. Y. "Puzzle Blocks"
5761876-03-07Stone, Harriet A., New York, N. Y. "Diphtherial Lozenges"
5821876-03-07Perkins, Henry R., Bouton, Mass. "Japanese Solvent"
5811876-03-07Krug & Co., Henry, Saint Louis, Mo. "Challenge Extra Sugar Cured Hams"
5751876-03-07Strickland, Bedford S., Griffin, Ga. "Strickland's Panacea Liniment"
5741876-03-07Ricker, Crombie & Co., Milwankee, Wis. "Ricker, Crombie & Co.'s Savon"
5731876-03-07Patton Bros., Catlettsburgh, Ky. "Dexter Condition Powders"
5671876-03-07Dickson, Joshua Z., San Francisco, Cal. "Dickson's Steel Pen Ink"
5941876-03-14Smith, Earle H., New York. N. Y. "American or Saratoga Kissingen-Water"
5951876-03-14Venard, G.. San Francisco, Cal. "Chartres Coffee Factory and Spice Mills"
5901876-03-14Kellogg, Edward H., New York, N. Y. "E. H. Kellogg's Sperm Engine and Spindle Oil"
5921876-03-14Kirk & Co., James S, Chicago, Ill. "India Soap"
5931876-03-14Rymal, Peter H., Jackson, Mich. "Thorley's Improved Horse and Cattle Food"
5911876-03-14Kellogg, Edward H., New York, N. Y. "E. H. Kellogg's Extra Engino and Spindle Oil"
5881876-03-14Dewees, Benjamin F., Philadelphia, Pa. "French Patterns Combination Suite"
5891876-03-14Farrer, R.J . Richmond, Va. "The American Food for Cattle"
6111876-03-21Young, Ladd & Coffin, New York, N. Y. "Lundberg's Novel Box Recherche Perfumes"
6101876-03-21Wiedenfeld & Co., New York, N. Y. "Berlin Herb Tea"
6081876-03-21Weaver, James R., Philadelphia, Pa. "Weaver's Bay Rum-The Toilot Article'
6091876-03-21Weaver, James R., Philadelphia, Pa. "The Weaver Cologne"
6051876-03-21Restorff & Bettman, New York. N. Y. "The Saratoga Dressing"
6061876-03-21Haines, Frank C and Stansbery, David J., Newark, N.J. "Centennial Tea Bitters"
6071876-03-21Thornton, William E., Baltimore. Md. "J. M. Laroque's Liquid Anti-Bilious Bitters"
6031876-03-21Merchants' Tobacco Company, Boston, Mass. "Herald, Claflin, Allison & Somes"
6041876-03-21Moore & Arms, Bellows Falls, Vt. "Olive Branch"
6021876-03-21McEwan, Walter, Albany, N. Y. "Housekeeper's Friend"
6011876-03-21McEwan, Walter, Albany, N. Y."McEwan's National Baking Powder"
5981876-03-21Coffin & Altemus, Philadelphia, Pa. "French Shades"
5991876-03-21Collins. Samuel B, La Porto, Ind. "The Wonder of The Age"
5961876-03-21Brown, Nathaniel K., Burlington, Vt "Brown's Bronchial Elixir"
5971876-03-21Christian & Bros., John M., Albany, N. Y. "J. M. Christian & Bros'. Economy Pressed Soap"
6001876-03-21Marvin, George H., Buffalo, N. Y. "Diamond Worm Powders"
6321876-03-28Puchta, Charles, New York, N. Y. "Dr. Puchta's Infallible Rheumatism Cure"
6361876-03-28Whitman & Son, Stephen F., Philadelphia, Pa. "Whitman's Celebrated Commercial Chocolate"
6341876-03-28Schumacher & Ettlinger, New York, N. Y. "Red, White, & Blue"
6351876-03-28Tharpe, M. H., Coffeeville, Miss. "Tue Great Modern Panacea"
6301876-03-28McEvoy, James, Pittsburgh, Pa. "McEvoy's Original Ka-Lye"
6311876-03-28Pinner, William H, New York. N. Y. "Concentrated Chemical Tobacco Soap"
6331876-03-28Read, James L. and C. H., Pittsburgh, Pa. "Royal Linen Ledger Paper"
6291876-03-28Lane, Thomas W., Manchester, N. H. "Dr. Quain's Magic Condition Pills"
6281876-03-28Fischedick, Henry F., Milwaukee, Wis. "Nickle Cigar"
6261876-03-28Arbuckle Brothers, New York, N. Y., and Pittsburgh, Pa. "Arbnckle's Compono Coffoe"
6271876-03-28Centennial Photographie Company, Pennsylvania. "Centennial Photographie Co.-International Exhibition"
6221876-03-28American Lye Company, Philadelphia, Pa. "Chinese Compound Washing Crystal"
6241876-03-28Arbuckle Brothers, New York, N. Y., and Pittsburgh, Pa. "Empire City Coffee"
6251876-03-28Arbuckle Brothers, New York, N. Y., and Pittsburgh, Pa. "Our Nectar Coffee"
6231876-03-28American Lye Company, Philadelphia, Pa. "American Best Baking Powder"
6211876-03-28Shepherd, Stephen, Atlanta, Ga. "Dr. Shepherd's Wine of Health"
6161876-03-28Ludwig, Ida, Chicago, HI. "Sure Cure-Mrs. Ida Ludwig's Cholera Drope"
6171876-03-28Merchants' Tobacco Company, Boston, Mass. "Recruit Tobacco, Manufactured by the Merchants' Tobacco Co."
6201876-03-28Stillings, Samuel V., Boston. Mass. "S. V. Stillings' Glace in Oil"
6181876-03-28Merchants' Tobacco Company, Boston, Mass. "Veteran Tobacco. Manufactured by the Merchants' Tobacco Co."
6191876-03-28Marvin & Co., S. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. "Self-Raising Flour"
6141876-03-28Essex, James J.,Newport, R. I. "The Centennial Enema Syringe"
6151876-03-28Haslett & Gladding, Constantino, Mich. "The Great English Remedy"
6131876-03-28Bell & Co., William G., Boston, Maes. "Wm. G. Bell Sc Co., Spiced Dressing"
6121876-03-28Akron Sewer-Pipe Association, Akron, Ohio. "Standard Akron Salt Glazed Sewer Pipe"
6411876-04-04Kellogg, Edward H., New York, N. Y. "Improved Elaine-Oil"
6371876-04-04Guilmard, Hippolyte, New York, N. Y. "Human Hair Goods"
6431876-04-04Gillet, McCulloch & Co., Chicago, Ill. "Gillet's Cream Yeast"
6381876-04-04Harlan, Woodford D., Washington, D. C. "Libertv-Justice- Equality"
6391876-04-04Hammet, J. L., Boston, Mass. "Brooks' Multiplication Blocks"
6401876-04-04Kellogg, Edward H., New York, N. Y. "Tallow Marrow-Oil"
6421876-04-04McEwan, Walter, Albany, N. Y. "McEwan's National Baking Powder"
6621876-04-11Long, P., Taneytown, Md. "Poultry Powders"
6641876-04-11Utley, Rufus, South Bend, Ind. "Dr. Utley's Lightning Relief"
6631876-04-11Olds, E. F., Philadelphia, Pa. "Old's Infallible Cure for Fever, Ague, and Debility"
6581876-04-11Hallgath, W. J., Cincinnati, Ohio. "Hallgath's Great Rheumatic Liniment"
6601876-04-11Kelly, Thomas A., Cleveland, Ohio. "Century Pure White Lead"
6611876-04-11Kirk & Co., James S, Chicago, Ill. "India Soap"
6591876-04-11Heyden & Allen, Saint Lonis. Mo. "Hayden & Allen"
6571876-04-11Walter, John N., New York, N. Y. "J. N. Walter's Infallible Salve"
6511876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "New Alpaca Finish Mourning Prints"
6521876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Silver Greys"
6531876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Anchor Shirtings"
6541876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Wm. Simpson & Sons' Fast Black"
6551876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Wm. Simpson & Sons' Fast Black Prints"
6561876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Alpaca Finish"
6501876-04-11Simpson & Sons, William, Philadelphia, Pa. "Wm. Simpson & Sons' Hair-Cloth Cheviots"
6491876-04-11Ottofy, Leopold, Cincinnati, Ohio. "Dr. Ottofy's Instantaneous Remedy"
6481876-04-11Fairbank & Co., N. K., Chicago, Ill. "N. K. Fairbank & Co."
6471876-04-11Belcher, Hubbard & Co., Jacksonville, Fla. "Havana Cigar Mannf'v"
6461876-04-11Belcher, Hubbard & Co., Jacksonville, Fla. "El Merito"
6451876-04-11Belcher, Hubbard & Co., Jacksonville, Fla. "El Merito Factory, Jacksonville"
6441876-04-11Belcher, Hubbard & Co., Jacksonville, Fla. "El Merito"
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