Trademark registration number: 100,062
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Registration date: 1914-09-29 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY ED sTA€i_fi;_s PATENT OFFICE. _wK. WBIGLEY JE. COMPANY, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. TRADE-MARK FOB. CHEWING-GUM. 100,062. _ _ Registered Sept. 29, 1914. Appumm mea :une no. ian. semi no; 1s,91s. S"I'.A.'I'IB}1IIE3N"'l‘- Tb all -wir out it may concern .' Be it known that WM. Wmonnr Jn. Cou- 1~.\N\', n corporation organized under the la\vs'of the State of 'West Virginia, with its principal _ollice at 5 North ‘Vi\l){\Sh avenue. 1n the city`of Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, an doin business in said city. county, sind State, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accom~ panying drawing as a. trade-mark for chew- ing-gum. in C ass 46, ' Foods and ingre- dients of foods. » State of Illinois county of Cook ss: A. G. Cox, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the treasurer" of the cor- poration, the applicant named in the fore» going statement; that he believes the fore- going statement is true; that he 'believes said corporation is the owner of the trade- m§rk sought to he registered; that no other person, firm, corporation or nssociation, to the best of his knowledge and lrelicf, has the right to use said traule-mark either in the identical form or in any such near re- semlvlnncc- thereto as might _he calculated to deceive; that said ti‘m]e~un\rk .is used by The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since Maj’ 27th, 1914. _ _ A The trncle-nmrk is applied or allixed to the sticks 'of chewing gum .b placing thereon n label on which the tracleanark is ~ shown. ' WM. \VRIGLEY JR. COMPANY, By A. G. COX( ` I Treasurer. A Dmo:|:.;:aA.'.1:~::g>1~1'., ‘l snid corporation simon' the scverail States of the United States ang' between the United ' Stntes and forcign_Acmm`tries; that the draw- ing presented, truly~ represents the trade~ mark- sought to be registered and that the s]`»ccimcns' show the trade-|n:|x'k ns`actua.}ly useclupon the goods. » A. G. cox Subscribed and sworn to 'before `me this 3:1 day of June, 1914. [L_ s._] JAMES (J. COX, < Ii'otury Public. Uaples ot this trade-merk may he obtezlned for be cents each, by addressing the "Commissioner of intents, Wuhington, D. C."

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