Trademark registration number: 100,154
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Registration date: 1914-10-06 online gazette
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UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. PULLHAN MFG. GOHPANY, OF ROCHESTER, NEW YORK. TRADE-MARK FOB BASE-BALAHCES. 100,154. . V ' , , Registered oem. 6, 1914. APPUCIHOIII. med Kay 29. 1914. Serin! Bo. 78358. ' ST ATE IL£IEZN' T- Tb all in/mm it may concern : Be it known that IE*U1.L1u.u¢ Mrs. Conf max, a corporzition duly or%nized under the laws of the State of New- .’ork, ,and lo- cated in the city of Rochester, `connty» -of Monroe, in said btate, and doing business 'at No. 3 Hill street,tin said city 'of Rochester, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for saslvbal- ances, in C1a§ No. 13,1-Iardware and plumb- ing and steam-fitting supplies. The tra demark hesbeen continuously-'nsed in the business ‘of said corporntion since July, 1911. _ ‘ ' ~ No claim isznade to the words “ Sash Bal- ance§.’?,» _ . The trade mark is applied or 'affixed by printing it on the containers of the»goods., -- PULLMAN MFG. COMPANY, By emo. J. z~n¢L.».UGHL;N, Md. _ I?EO1¢A'R,§TICN`, State of New York,.co\1nty of Monroe. ss: _` ,Gnoncn ,I _ M.1cL.mcnx.1N,,being dnlysworn, deposes and says that he is 'the president of the corporation, the .applicant nainedjn the foregoing statement: that he believes, the fm°eQoing'statement is true; that he believes saidheburiomtioli is the’ o\vn<>r_of 'the trade, mark sought to be registered; that no other person, firm, corporation, or associzition, to the best of lllS'kl10\\`l€fl;[€ and belief, has the right tcruse said traulu mark in the United States, either in the identical f0rm'or.iix any such near resemblance thereto ais niight be calculaterl to deceive; that said trade -mark 'a l l l E i I l is used-by seid eorporation in- commerce amhng the- several States of the United States; that the description and drawing prfesentefbtruly represent the trdde--mfirk sought to be registevfed; and that the speci- 'mens,show thefrade mark as actually used upon the goqcls. l GEORGE' J. MACLAUGHLINL Subscribed ‘and sworn to before me this 25:11 any of May, 1914. [r.. s.`]Q_ ‘ D. GURNEE, , Notary Public. Sepia; qt this trade-mark may be obtained tor _ive cents' etch, by IQIIXQQIUII the “Commissioner of Intent# , Wuh|.n¢ion,`D. U.”

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