Trademark registration number: 100,231
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Registration date: 1914-10-13 online gazette
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UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. 'WESTERN HONEY PRODUCERS, GF SIOUX CITY. IOWA. TRADE-HABK FOB HONEY. 100,231. ‘ - _ negnsm-¢a`o¢t. 13, 1914. ` Application Med Kay 19, 1914. Serial Ho. 78,4012 s':r:.A'1'E1a::a:isr':n~- V Ib all whom it may concern : Be it known that the Wzsranx Honor Pnonocrzas, a corporation du] organized under the laws of the State of Ibwa, located and doing business at Sioux City Iowa, has adopted or its use the trade-mari: shown in the accompanying drawing, for honey, in- Clas 46, Foods and ingredlents of foods. The word Brand is not' claimed. » The trade- mark has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since January, 1914. The trade mark is a plied tothe packages containing the goods by affixing thereon, a painted label on which the trade mark'is s own. _ ` - WESTERN ,]10N`EI PRODUCERS. By WILLIAM T. SOUTHWORTH. < .lfmmger de Trcarurer. . ' P 1 _ ai _ F Q ' ` ,fn .: r )' _ / 4* _~ ‘ »" g " =é;.=l._ ,i _, .Q§'§fes1 _ ..1: 1' r; ~.:-.~ _ x-' ‘ \° 4:\'~-I~'-°' f=?.'-~=3'3‘:¥iE >~.- f""` `D_r:o:;..A.r¢.¢l-r1oN_ State of Iowa county of Woodbury ss. - ` Wrnrraat P: SoU1'mvoa'rrr,- being duly sworn deposes and snysthat he is manager and treasurer of the corporationpthe apgli- cant named in the foregoing statement; t_ _at he believs the foregoing statement is true; that he believes said corporation is the owner of the trade mark sought to be registered; tl1at_no other gerson, firm, corporation or association, to t e best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use said trademark either in the identical form or in any such- ncar resemblance thereto as might be calcu- Qupiea ol this trade-mark may be obtained for ive ce -lated to' deceive; that said trade inarki is used by said corporation in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the drawing presented truly represents the trade mark sought to be registered ; and that the specimens show the trade mark as actu- ally used upon the goods. ~ _ _ \VILLIAM’P. SOUTHWORTH. Subscribed and sworn to before `me,_ this 8" day of May -1914. [L s.] , E. M. .CORBETT r » ~ 4 ‘ Notary Pubiic. ts each, by addressing the “Commissioner ofhbenh, D. 0.” Washington,

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