Trademark registration number: 100,881
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Registration date: 1914-10-27 online gazette
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essr AVAILABLE coPv UNITED sTAti;1j;_§1j¢§rENT OFFICE. PHILO HAY SPECIALTIES CO., OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. TRADE-MARK FOR TOILET-COMES. 100,881 .I Registered Oct. 27, 1914. Applicetion Bled July 1. 1914. Serial Ho. 79489. ' STATEMENT- 7b aIl;zr~hw1z it may concern: The trade- mark has been continuously Be xt known that the Pmw Hn' SPs<:mr,~ used in the business of the applicant since 'mzs Co., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of New Jerse , located in the _cityof Newark, oountv ofylissex, and State of New Jersey, and rlning business at Verona and`Clifton avenues, in said city, has adopted for its use the trade-mark shown in the accom anying drawing, for toilet-combs, in Class §o. 40, Fancy goods, furnishings, and notions. I I l\'I:\}' 20th. 1914. I The said trade-mark is usually up lied or aiiixerl to the goods by means of a liibel on which the trade mark is shown-or branding the mark directly upon the goods. A PHILO HAY SPECIILTIES C0. E. MARTIN HISCUX. ' Vice Prétt. arfino State uf New Jersey, county of Essex, ss.: E. LIARTIN Hrscrox, being duly sworn. do- Eioses and says: that he is ‘vice-pres’t of _ _ :num Har SPU'IAl.TIBS_ Co.,` the up licant nauncil in the foregoing statement; tlhat he believes the forevoing statement is true: that he be-Iieves the xiliove-nauienl a\pplit:ant to be the uwne'r of the 'l.l'lllll¥-IIltll'k sought to be registered: that no other person, lirm, vm'- mration or us.~;u<'iati0n, to the best of his lcm»wl¢-mlgre and livlief, has the right tn use said trmh--nlurk. either in the i¢'leuti<-al form or in such -near resemblance thereto as might I l x I I I I be calculated to deceive; that such trade- mark is used by applicant in 'commerce alnong 'the several States of the United States; that the drawing presented truly reprewuts the trucle-mark sou ht_ to he regis- tered. and that the specimens iow _the trade- mark as actually used upon the goods. E. MARTIN HISCUX. Subsf-ril'n~<l and sworn to before me this 29th clay of May. 1914. . Ii.. s.| CIIAS. W. TEN EYCK, Notary Public. Copies of this trade-mark miy be obtained for ave cents each. by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.”

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