Trademark registration number: 102,372
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Registration date: 1915-02-09 online gazette
Class 49 Distilled alcoholic liquors
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D scrnfrns PA 9 ioFF1cE. A AUGUSQEE HABIE CAUBBIEBE, OF CHERBVOUBG, FRANCE. TEA-DE-KAR! FOB A DIGESTIVE LIQUEUB. 102,372. Registered Feb. 9, 1915. appucnmn mea nnury. 21, unc semi xo. 15,41-r. ' - STATEIIEJYT- » Tolilll 'whom it may concern: ` _ Be it known that I, Auovsn Auzx.-moan MAxm Cnunmiznn, a citizen of the French Regublic, residing at Cherbourg, France, an doing business at No. 56 Rue Sennesey, in said. city, have adopted and ,used the tra-de~murk shown, in the acconnpanying drawing, disclaiming the words ‘,_Verita~ ble Merveilleuse Liqueur Digestive” and the words “Gaster’s Own,” for a digestive liqueur, in Class No. 49, Distilled alcoholic liqiigrs. g e trade-mark has been continuously used in _'my business since Mav 10th, 1909. The trade-mark is applied or affixed to the goods, or the. packages containing the same, by placing thereon a printed label-on which the trade-mark is shown. - AUGUSTEIALELLNDRE imus cwsmhnn. » ' R V E.arrA|Ls. \ mls-Trrs@1v11 l 3 I; \ i 1 i _~.\ __°t°__ Eun nw?-5 / _ :|:»:a1o1:;A34.':L‘::oN_ United States consular agency Cherbourg, Republic of France ss. ' , i ' ,`AUGUs'rs_ QLLEYANDRE Manu: Cavnnlisnn, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the applicant named_in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes himself to be the owner of the trade-mark sought tn be registered; that no other person, Erzn, corporation, or association ~ to tlie best’ of his knowledge and belief, has the ,right to use said tra e-mark in the United rtates. either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance 'thereto as might be cal- culated to deceive; -that said trade-mark has been registered in France, on May 10, 1909, No. 72, that the description and draw- ing presented truly represent the trade- mark -sought to be registerjd-; and that the specimens show the trade-mark asactuaglly used upon the goods. _ < V ATE; CAUBRIERE. -Subscribed and sworn to before me, a United States consul, this 24th day of Sep- tember 1909. ‘ [L_ s.] OCTAVE CANUET, Y U. S. Consular Agent. °Q|l8“˘\|lU’l||~Sll'k!l;\0O\fl»|-IDI fcrly|cent||euh,by|.ddreuu|th|*‘6eun1sdn|: at latin!!- Wuhl:h.|tn.D.˘." '

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