Trademark registration number: 104,702
Not online at but on USM219 or right here! 104,702's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1915-06-15 online gazette
Class 21 Electrical apparatus, machines and supplies
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PFST AVAILABLE COPY UNITED STATES PA OFFICE. TRADE-MARK FOR ELECTRICAL APPARATUS FOB VEHICLE LIGHTING AND STARTING. 104,702. Registered June 15, 1915. Application fled February 23. 1915. Serial No. $4,679. STATEMENT. Yh all 'll‘1HIIIl» it may ˘-mmcrn : _ Bc it know-n tiiut Bunn Moron IAGIITING (`1|M1'˘\Xi'. duly organized under the laws of the State of New York, and located in the city of Hoboken, county of Hudson, State of New Jersey, and doing business at Fif- teenth and Garden streets, in the city of Hoboken. State of New Jersey, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the uc- companying drawing, for electrical appa- ratus for vehicle lighting and starting, in PLE” Class No. 21, Electrical apparatus, ma- chines, and supplies. - _ The traxde-xnnrk has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since December 10, 1914. l The trade-nmrk is llSll|\ll_\` applied to the goods by aflixing thereto u metal plate on which the trade~n\:|rk is shown. [L. B.] BIJUR B{0TOR LIGIITING COIPANY. By JOSEPH BIJUR. E3 President. _ ,» D:s1o:|;.4:Ec.L'rJ:6:N- i State of New Jersey county of Hudson ss: Josfzrrx Bunn, being duly- sworn, deposes and 'says that he is the president of the cor- poration, the‘applicnnt named in the forc- going statement; that he believes the fore- going statement is true; thathe believes said _ corporation is the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered; that no other per- son, firm, corporation or association, to the best of hi knowled fe 'and belief, has the right to use said trufde-mark in the United States either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be Copies of this trade-mark may be obtained for uve ee calciilatvcl to deceive; that such mnrk is used by it in commerce among the several States of the United States: that the description and drawing presented truly representthe trade-mark sought to be registered, and that the specimens show the niark as actually umd upon the goods. JOSEPH BIJ UR. Subscribed and sworn to before mc this 18th day of February 19l5. [L.s.] LE\VIS HARNETT, p Notary Public. ntl each, by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents, Wllhinftol, D. U.” '

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