Trademark registration number: 107,328
Not online at but on USM219 or right here! 107,328's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1915-11-23 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY ~..| | ` ,. 1 '\ , -- ~.|.. \.v. .., ~\\ _,, . . '| _'_ __ \ \ 1 -\ ' I I | ,H '~-. |< ._ \ \,.\_.,,,,__" __ ' I ll UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. JOHN B. GB-UELLE, OF NEW YORK, N. Y. TRADE-KAR! FOB DOLLS. 107 328. Icegisterea Nov. 23. 1915. Application nled June 17, 1815. Serial lo. |7,3ll. BTATEIREITT- YI: all Ilh(Hl|. it may f'oru'4>/'n . Bu it known that I. _JUIIN II. (I|n:r:|.|.|~:. u cifizun nf the United Stun-s nf .\I|Il|'I('2\. rv- siulilxg in New York vily. New Yurk. and doing Iamsjness nt Xu. 210 West Une Ilun- dred and Ei?,1htI| strwt, in the lmrougim uf Mnnlmttuli of said city. lmve mluptvd fur my use IIN- tmmlm-~|||:\|'k FI\0\\'Il in the nvconn- punying drauving, for dolls, in Class 22. (iallllwi. toys. :md sporting guods. 'l`Iw tlrasdu murk Im:-a been nuntin|\n\|sIy uswl in my Imsilivss since Juno 5tI\. 1915. 'I`l\u tru_de lIl&\l'I{ is npplied to the dolls Iiy adlixing' u label Ixea\|'i|\g the trade murky JOHN B. GRUELLE. RAGGEDY ANN State nf Connecticut c~nunt_\' of Fairfield ss: 'Joris B. (I|u:1.|.r:. In-ing d\|Iy sworn. de- poscs and says: that he is the I\I)|\IIlI\I\I nnnu-af in the foregeiing stutelncnt; that he Iielievcs the foregoing Sl3\tllI\9l\Ii is true :-that lie IwIi\'es IIIITISPII' to Im the nwnvr of the _trudu |x|:|rI sougllt to be |c,g5i>ate~|'04l: that nu ntlwr pgrw n. Iirm. ('HI'|l()l2\IIflII nr :\ssncm- tion. to tI1e'In~st nf his Imnwlvilge und In~Iivf. Ixus thv rigzht to new said trmlu nmrk. vitIw| in tho inlvntix-:\I fUI'lIl m' in amy sm-h nm-nr |'l'?I('||II|II\|I('|.' .Iwrutn as migzht Im t'1\It'llIllII9(I tn `\Io<-iw: und that thc' said t\'mI~ nmrk is ns--Il by him in co||nnerc~e,n|n0ng the several Iitntes of the United States; th.-t the draw- ing presented truly l't[llftSlltS tho, trade murI{ sought to be registered: and that the spez-:mens SI\(|\\'!l the trade' nmrk as avt\|a\I~ly nsesl upon the g0o4l. __ ' f ' JOHN B. <:1uJ1sL1.E. SIlI|Sl.l'II){(I nn dsworn to Iwfore me this tbth day nf June, IUIB. |L.s.| (JIIESTIGR S. SII.LI'IL`l{. V .v()f(llf/ IubZi:, Cnpln of this tnda-mark mly he obtained for live :ents each. by addressing the " Uommiuioner ot Pntentl. Wuhington, D. C. ` `

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