Trademark registration number: 108,860
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Registration date: 1916-02-29 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY SECOND RENEWAL ` Pvku F ',,7_U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. COLUHBIA PAPER BAG COMPANY, OF BALTIMORE, IIABYLAND. TRADE-MARK FOR PAPER BAGS. 108860. Registered Feb. 29, 1916. Appumm mea ummm- s, ms. semi nn. $0,432. STATEMENT. To all whom it may coricern: Be it known that Conuntulo /PJ\m:n Bao COMPANY, a corporation created under and existing by virtue of the laws of the State of Maryland. located in the city of Balti- more. State of Maryland, and doing busi- ness at 921-979 Fort avenue, in said city, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing. .The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of the corporation since February 8, 19l3. ` The particular description of goods to which the trade-mark is appropriated is paper bags. in Class Q. Receptacles. The trade-mark is usually applied to the 4 receptacles containing the goods by means of labels on which the trade-mark is shown. COLUIBIA PAPER BAG COMPANY. By J. HCILVAIN. Secretary. D:moL.L1i..A.'r:|;oN . State of Maryland, city of Baltimore, ss: J. BcI1.\~.\ix, being duly sworn, deposes and says he is secretary of the corporation, the applicant named in the foregoing state- ment: that he ln~li~\1~:~a that the flvregoing :~:tatc-nu-nt is trac: that he hvlievcs said cor- poration In he the owner of the trade-mark songlit. lo be rvggistereml; that no other pur- son. lirm. a:orpor:|tion, or association, to the best of his l{l`l()\\l(ll{e and belief. has the right to use said tradt-~xnark. either in the identical form. or in any such near resem- lvlancm- thereto, . might be calculated to dc- ceive; that the said trade-mark is used by the applicant in commerce among the sev- eral States of thc United States; that the drawing presented truly represents the trade-mark soughbto he registered and that the specimens (or facsimilcs) show the trade-marlc as actually used upon the goods. J. McILV;\IX. Subscribed and sworn to before mc. u no- tary public, this 26th day of October 1915. |'L.s.] WILLIAM E. SCHUL, Notary Public. Coplu of thu tnde-rink may be obtained for Ive cents each, 'hi addressing the " Commissioner of Petenu, Washington, D. U."

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