Trademark registration number: 115,967
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Registration date: 1917-03-27 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY ;,,,,, 5- f'__ ftii ‘ -'ED STATES PATENT GFFICE. EDWARD HUGETZ, OF NEW YORK, N. Y. TTLADE-HIABK FOI!/FOUNTAIN AND STYLOGRAPHIC PENS. 1 1 5,96'7. Register-ed Mar. zy, 1917. Application Glen November 28, 1916. Serial No. 99,611 ~ ' ‘sT';eu1‘Em:E1\T':r:_ ~ ‘ To all whom. it may concern: _ Bo it known that I. I‘:I)\\';\lKl! HUnE'rz, Il subject of the Plmpcror nf ;\ustriu-Hungary, residing at Xew York city, county and State, of New York. and doing business at No. 115 \Vo1‘th street, in the city and county afore- said, have adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for fonntain and stylographic puns, in Class 37, Ifape" and stationery. 'Flin trarlu|n:u'k has been continuously used in my business since about May 1, 1916. The trademark is applied directly to the said goods, and upon the boxes or wrappers contafining the same. EDWARD HUGETZ. 9fbZZ7“ EECLABATIOLT. _ State of New York city and county of New ~York ss: EDWARD Iluorrrz, being duly sworn, de- poscs and says: that he is the applicant named in time foregoing statement; that hc' lvvlivrcsc the foregoing statement is true; that ho la~li¢-ws himself to he the owner, of the tra<l4~niarl< sought to be registered: that no otlwr person, firm. corporation or associa- tion. tu thc host of his knowledge and belief. has ll|o_ri;_1l1t to use said trademark in the Viiitml States. either in the nleutical form or in any surli near ['('FL'l!!l_)l2lllL'(‘ thereto as might lu- valcnlatcil to rlcceiveg that saiil tmdeniark is used by him Q in commerce among the several States of the United States and bet\veen'tl\e United States and foreign nations, particularly with Spain; that the description and drawing presented truly |-1-pros(-ut the tl'€\(lCll'1:ll'l-I sought to be registered; and that the specimens show the [l'&\llL‘lIlZlI`l{ as actually used upon thc goods. }"IT)\\’ARD HUGETZ. -Snl»sci~ibe<l and s\\'orn to before mc this Qllln ¢la_\' of Xi|\'t'llll|(‘T'. 19142. ~ |I.. xl l'il)\V_\ Ill) .\. .l.\ KVIS, ('/1//|rnI.x.<fo/11'/‘ nf /)('€’rlS. Copies of this trade-mark may be obtained for tive cents each. by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents, ° 4 Washington, D. C.” "

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