Trademark registration number: 117,510
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Registration date: 1917-07-17 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY STATES PA P OFFICE. MOSES HILTON BAUMGABTNER, OF FBEEPOBT, ILLINOIS. TRADE-MARK FOB RICE. 117 ,510. ~ Registered July 17, 1917. Application died larch 17, 1917. Serial Ho. l02,206. ' TA.TEMENT- fb all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Mosss Murrow BAUM- <:_\|:'rx1:1:, ;1 citizen of the United States of Arnvricai. residing: at Freeport, county of Stephenson. State of Illinois, and doing business at F reeport, Illinois, have adopted and used the tl`lld-1lli\l`k shown in the :ic- coxupunying (lI'2l\\'ll]g,if01` rice. in Class No. -16, Foods and ingredients of foods. -< E -r MW-0 U M O fl P QU CD P Ji H 0 F YEL- State of Illinriiscounty of Stephenson $2 -Mosxs Miifrox I}_\t:Aiu.\n'rx11r:. being duly s\\'u|'n. de|mses :xml says that he is the appli- cant. nnnieil in the fo1'egni|1;3 statement: that ho believes tho foregoing Stiltlflllllllt is true: that lu- lmlii-\'a~s hiliiself 'tn ln- the 0\\`|\\Tl` of tht* tr:ul-mzlrk $AllP,2l\`f tn,le l'ef:ist\r\ul: tlmt no other prison. firm. corporantiou. or asso~ ~,-iation- to the best of his kno\\~le<l,qe :ind be- lief. has the right to use said trade-niark in the lfnitefl States. either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calculated to deceive; The tli\dC-lllilrk has been continuously use-cl' in my busim\>=s since Duc. lst, 1916. The trzule-iiiairk is applied or affixed to the cmituilicrs of-the goods. b_\' placing thereon in printed label on \\`l1l(,'ll the tmfle-mark is shown. ~ _MOSES MILTON Blniicmfrxsn. _ that said trade-i11uil<_is used by him in com- merce axiioiig the severall States of the l'n_itv<l States: that the (liSCll|`|tl(lIl :mill |lI'il\\`iI12 ])l'?S('I\l4fl l~l=lll_\' l'(}|)1(Ni.lll' the trade- nmrli sfuigglit to be 1'v;5istul'efl; mul that the spvciiiieiis show tlu- tl`!{(lL;lll;|.ll{ as uctllully used upon the goods. ` MOSES MILTUX BAUHGARTNEK. Sulisr-|-ihed and sworn to before mc. ai nn- tnry public. this Ttli day of De<emler 1916, If.. 5.1 IJ. ;\. vT;\ 1'NE, _ lY0fd7?/ Public. Copies at this trule-max-k any be obtained for ive cent: each, by nddresdng the "Commissioner of Intents, Washington, D. C.

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