Trademark registration number: 117,543
Not online at but on USM219 or right here! 117,543's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1917-07-17 online gazette
Class 46 Foods and ingredients of foods
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY 'UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. TBAJBE-MARK FOB. CANNED SA.RDIN'ES. 11 7,543. ' Registered July 17, 1917. Application nled January 16, 1917. Serial No. 100551. S'I‘.A'I‘E1&IEIIISl"1‘- To all whom it may cwu.-ern : Be it: known that Gmnz: C.\sxxz<n Co., u cnrpomtion created under and existing hy virtue of the laws of the State of Maine, located in the city of Eastport. county of “'ashington, in said State, and doing busi- ness at 18 Shan-kford st.. in said city, has adopted and used the triuie-|nark_shm\'n in the accompanying drawing. The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of the corporation since Sept. 21-1916. The partiffulardescription of goods to \\`i\l1'll the trade-mark is appropriated is canned sarrlines, in Class 46, Foods and in- gredients of foods. The trade-nmrk is usually applied to thc I`L‘l'(‘[)t1lCl€S eonlaining the goods hy means of labels on which the trade-mark is shown. ' GLOBE CANNING co., By RALPH HINDLEY, T1-eas. CLIU DECLARATION- 'State of Maine. county of “':isl1ingto11, ss: RAm'n_ llxxlruzr. being duly sworn. de- poses and says he is treasurer of the cfwporui tion. the applie-:uit named in the foregoing statement : that he believes that the forego- ing statement is true: that he believes said corporation tn he the owner of the trade- mark sought to he registered; that no other person. firm. 1-orporution, or assoviantiori. to the best nf his knowledge :mil belief. ‘ms the -right tn use said trmle-|u:lrk_ either II! the identieal form. or in any such near resem~ blnnee thereto as might he cal(-ulute<l to ˘h~~ oeive: that the said traule-nmrk is used by the applicjzunt in vouunerie :inning tlic sev- crul States of the United States; that the drawing: bresented truly represents the trade-mark sought to he reL‘istered :md thu!- the spevilnens (or fueshnile$l _show the trn<le~nmrk as actually used upon the goods. RALPH HIXDLEY. Subs(-rilietl and sworn to before ine. ii no- tary pulrlic, this llth day 0f,x{{I.l`l'l\ 1917. [r;.s_] _ J. H. GRAY, _ _Votary I’uLIi˘-_ Caplcs of this tulle-muk may be obtained for live cents each, by addressing the “Commissioner of Patents. Washington, D. C."

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