Trademark registration number: 117,646
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Registration date: 1917-07-24 online gazette
Class 6 Chemicals and chemical compositions
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY D STATES PATENT OFFICE. SHEBWOOD B. CHEESEMAN, OF PHOEBUS, VIRGINIA. ` TRADE-MLRK ron 4 Gnnmrcrnn. . 117,646. T Registered July 24, 1917. Application mea Allfil 11. 1917. smai nn. 1o2.a7s. _ S'I'A'IE]IlE"I'- To all whom it may confcrn: Ile it known that I, Susmvoon E. Cnnnsrz- Aux, :1 vitizen of the 'United States of ;\l'Il(l'l('21. residing at Phoebus, in the county of Elizabeth City and State of Virginia. and nlning business in said city, have adopt- ed and used the tI'I\(lt! shawn in the :Irrr-olnpnnying clrawing, for il germicide, in Class 6, Chemicals, medicines, and pharma- ('l."llll(l1l preparations. The trarle-mark has been used in my busi- ness since July, 1916. ~ The trade~mnrk is applied to packages of the goods by placing thereon n printed label nn which the trmle-mark is shown. SHERNVOOD E. CHEESEMAN. . :1:oEo1;.ARATi:o:|>T- 4 Smtenf Virgininmuntyof ElizahethCityFS_ ,l`1d'lll1l-lk iS used by him in commerce S|u:n\\'4xn E. C|n:1:s1:xK,\:<, being (lilly 1-awnrn. xlvpusus and says that he is the up- plirvaant llillllvtl in the ,form-guing st=1t1-ui:-nt: that- lm I<|i1~\~1s thi-' ffir1-guiiig Sl1lt\`lllllt' is true; that he helix-Yes himsvlf to be ilu* l)\\'!ll'I' uf thv tI'Z\\ll-llllI`l( sought to he reg- istereclz that nn other |}I5l\ll,llElll. cu1'}m1':1- lion. ()I"ilS$U|'i1lll0|l. to the host nf his l{Il.H\Tl~ 1-clpgq :xml lu-lief. has tln- right to use snill tl'lll("l|1lll'l. either in thc* ialriitival form' ur in any sin-h nm-:lr |`(*5('llll|l:\ll('( tlivrvto :is might lie mlm-1||a\te1l_t> :lou-i\-e: that snifl =mm|1g the several States QF the United States. \'ir;_-'inin :mel T1\nnvSs1>:: that' the |lr:1\\jing prqsentml truly represmnts the fl'llll:llltlIl snugglit to lm 1\gi-;turc|; and that the S[lt*(lIlll*!\S slmw thc t.1'1ul1-.-nmurk as actu- :nlly usvll upon the goods. : ~ SHI-IR\\'()()D E. CIIICESEMAN. Subsyrilwni and sworn to befnre mv. :1 nn- tary pnlilir. this Tth clay nf April 1917. [L_ s.j _ STEWVART C. REES, , V lv0f(LI_l/ Iu7/N:-_ Copies at this trademark may be obtained for nv cents each, by-addressing the "Commissioner of Patents, 1 Washington, D. C.

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