Trademark registration number: 118,196
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Registration date: 1917-08-21 online gazette
Class 6 Chemicals and chemical compositions
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY _ D STATES PATENT OFFICE. W. B; JACOBS, OI' EKLENTON, PENNSYLVANIA. 1'1un1s.nAnx ron mlxnrrvn MIITEBAL on.s. ' 118,196. Registered Aug. 21, 1917. Applicltlon Bled April 26, 1917. Serial Fa. 103330. I S'I'A'I'H!1&IE.‘E"I'- To all whom it may comrern: Be it known that I, W. B. Jasons, a citi- zen of the United States of America, resid~ ing at Emlenton, county of Yenango. State of Pennsylvania, and doing business under the name (:RYST.\L On. Contrast at Emlen- ton, in said State, have adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for laxative mineral oils, in Class 6, Chemicals, medicines, and pharmaceutical preparations. The trade-nizirk has been continuously used in the husiuess since .\’pr. :£|u|.. 1917. .. The triule-inark is applied or allixcrl to the goods., or to the packages containing the same. by placing thereon ax printed label on which the trade-mark is shown. VV. B. J ACOBSJ _.- n:e:c1.A;a.1e.'::'IoN‘. State of Permsylvania, county of Venango, ss: ‘ \\'u.nx-:xrr B. Jaconst he-ing duly sworn, de- ‘poses and says that he is the applicant named mthe foregningstatenient; that hebelieves the foregoing statement is true: that he. believes himself to be the owner of -the trade-mark sought to beregistered; that nonther per# son. firm. corporation.. or association. to the best of his knosvleclge and helief has the right to_ use said tmrle-mark in the l'uite¢l-States. either in the identical fomitor in any such near resemblance thereto as might he calcu- lated to deceive; that said trnnle~mark is userl by him in commerce among the several States of the United States and between the (United States and foreign nations orlndian tribes, and _partieularly with Cxuinrlag that the mlescriptmn and ilrnwingr presented truly represent the trauh--nmrk sought to he regis~ tered: and that the specimens show the tnule-nmrk as avtnlally used upon the goods. W. BQ JACOBS. Sirnrn to :mil FI}l)S|`l'll\0(l before me this 19th clay of April, IMT. _ _ |‘1.. sj] (S. R. I‘§IClIB.\UM, = , ' _Vofary Pu?»li¢-_ Copies ot this tnde-mark may be obtained foriilve cents each, by addressing the “Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.”

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