Trademark registration number: 118,570
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Registration date: 1917-09-18 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY UNITED' STATES PATENT OFFICE. TRADE-MARX FOR CANDY. 118570. Registered Sept. 18, 191 7. Application tiled Hay 15, 1917. Serial Ho. 108355. STATIJ1&`EIN' T- To all :chom it may concern: . Be it known that \vILLI=\3( Pssx Ho'rr:L. (`01l1'.\5\`. a corporation duly organized un- der the laws uf‘tl1e5tate of 1)Q?IlI1S}'l\‘2lIllR\. and located in the city' of Pittsburgh. county of Allegheny. in Said State. and doing busi- ness at tlie \\'illiam Penn Hotel. Pittsburgli, Penns}'l\'al|i:1, has aclopted and u>e<l the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for candy. in Class Xo. 46. Foods and ingredients of foods. The trade mark has been continuously used in the businessl of said corporation since March lst, 1917. The trade mark is applied or affixed to the goods, or to the package containing the >=un1-. by placing thereon a printed label on wlnivli the trade mark is shown. _ WILLIAH PENN HOTEL COMPANY. By J. 1w'r0ll1NsoN.' Auditor. DECLARATION. State of Perms}'l\'ania county of Allegheny se: J- }I['I'L`llIX$lX. being duly sworn. sle- poses zxnclsays that he is the znuclitor of the corporation. the applicant named in the foregoing statement: that hc believes the fun-going >t:1toment is true; that he l)(‘ll€\'t"> will corporation is the owner of the trade mark sought to be |~c;_fi>~ten~<l: that no other perfmx. limi. (‘Ul'|)flTiltl0ll. or :l$¢0Cltl[l0ll, to flu- best of his knowledge and belief. haw Ulu- rigzlxt to use said trade mark in the l`uiu» ‘ States. either in the identical form or in any sm-li near resemblance thereto as might. bv calculated to deceive; that said trade mark is used by said curp0ration in com- merce among the several States of the lfllltéfl States; that the description and drnnving pr(-sented truly i~e|>resent_ ti1-- trade mark sought to be registvn-rl: and that the >p¢-¢:ixnvl\< slum' the trmlc mark :is nctnanlly uswl \\|>r\n the gomls_ - ‘ J. llI"I`CHIX5()X. Suhxribed and sworn to before me, a no- tary public. this Tth :lay of May. 1917. ll.. s._i GLEXX H. LERESCIKE. _ ~ .Votary Public. Copies of this ind:-mark may be obtained for ive cents each. by addressing the “Commissioner of Patents, ‘ Washington, D. C.”

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