Trademark registration number: 123,619
Not online at but on USM232 or right here! 123,619's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1918-11-19 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY _ .lil-6 M M478 *‘*1g5'Y' K_ 7RF¢€.L_f}».,E1<:<_1_;' `g_.,,,¢_ _ _ 51118:-vff »'- _LI 77f11` And/ - ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFTCE. 1 LOUIS K.. KALLINCKBODT. OF BALTIMORE. MARYLAND. 'TRADE-MARK FOB TVRAPPING-PAPEIL ` _ 123519. _ Registered Nov. 19, uns. Application ma ny za. mm sum no. 1l1.241_ ` STATE M E NT. The tmde~mark has been continuously used Yin all urfwm it rung/ concern: in nn' lms|ne<s sun-1- June 27. 1917. Be it known that I. Lolixs K. )I=u,|.zxuzi- z:|»nT, a ciiigen of the _l7nited_ Statea of .\n|erim. resullng at Bzxlnnnure cxty, State of Mzurrlannl. :md doing bn>ines= :iz 115 Com-_ nnenic =1ree!. Baltimore. Mzurylnmi. inn 1- :nlupteml and u>¢-sl the tmde-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for wrapping- paper. in Clasr- 37, Paper and stationery. The tranle-nlark i= applied or aiiixed In |!n- gumls. or In the pauckzlgvs containing the >:\nu-. by placing rhemon =| printed label on \\1ll('l| am- trznlu-|n;u~k is shown. and in other Ways. LOUIS K. MALLINCKRODT. |_| B E R 'r Y DECLARATION. State of Maryland Baltimore city_ss - IA`ll'lS K. lI.\x.:_1s1'1m|»|rr. being duly ~\\-om. depi|se= :Incl Says tlmr he ie the ap- 'nliennt named in the fnregolng statemenfz ilnu In ll\°.!i(‘\`l'* the foregoing statement is true; that he believes he is the mx-ner uf the 1 L 1 wht itn he r- ` terml that mf: usher pemun hrm, vorporatzon or ~.1soe|.x ln tln right tn n==|~ mln trade mark either zn ilu nhnmal form or xn an) ~uch near re =u_|bl-:nw therein -is might be calculated to deceive: that said trade~mark is used by himin in vomnierce among the several States of the I'nitc¢l States: that the draxving presented truly rm-p|1-ents the lralmle-mark`sougl1t‘ to be registerv.-il-: :mul that the fan' simile.; slmw the zmele-rn:n~k as =u-tn=illv used upon the ' LOVIS K. §I.\LL1X(`KROf)T. S\\`5)l`Il In and >nbs<:ril»erI lx-fore rue, Il nn- tnry publiv_ this -hh slay uf May. 1913. i L. S. if LEXA YEFBERGER. .\'ofmy Puloffc. il`l'l§ CTHRII' ' 5| Ur -g'€§ ‘ I _ _ ri-m. z., qu- bl-Fm nf his knnwledge and helm. ' ' . 1 3| Uqleldtlhhlde-murknuyleohtuinedforive ts etch. by lddrelaing the “ Commissioner of Patent; Yllllllili. ll' - '

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