Trademark registration number: 130,565
Not online at but on USM232 or right here! 130,565's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1920-04-27 online gazette
Class 39 Clothing
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_ Besr AvA|LAaLE cow UNITED STATES iPATENT OFFICE. SAI ROSENBAUM do SONS COMPANY , OF KALAMAZ00, MICHIGAN. , runs-xnxx' ron rnousmns. " ' ....._.__ 130565. Registered Apr. 27, 1920. Application illed September 5, 1919. Serial Bo. 122,361 V STATE M E NT; , < ' _ To all 'whomf it may concern .- ' ‘ Be it known that SAM Roszxlmulsr & Soxs ("nmr_\NY, n cor Jorntion duly organ- ized under the Imvs oi the State of 1\'[|chi- gan, located in the city :uul county of Kulzif mazoo, in said State, and doing business under the trarle-name of I{=\I.f\M.\Z|'!0 l".\N'1:' (`OMl’.\N1' at 302-310 East Main street, in the city of Kalaunuzoo, State of Michigan, hus adopted and used the tradefmark shown in the accompanying drawing, for trousers, in Class 39, Clothing, no claim being made to the work_“Kni<~kers” apart from the mark s own. 'The trmleniairk has been continuously used in tlie business of said corporation since Juno 15th, 1919. The tr=if||~nuu‘l< is applied to the goods and |)3l(‘l(3\§_!`(`°S ily luhels affixed thereto. _ ., SAM ROSENBAUM I: SONS C0}{PANY. By L. RUSENBAUM, Preridenl. knzm KNICKE - DECLARATION. ° ‘ e State of Michigan, county of Kalamazoo, ss. Loms iROSENBAUM, being duly sworn, de- poses :milf says that he is the president of the corporation, the ap licant named in the foregoing statement; gmt he lvelieves thc foregoing statement is true; that he believes suixl corporation is the owner of the trurle- m:u’k sougglit to be wgistm-\'c<|: that no other person, firm. 1-or xorntion, or association. to the bust of his' icnowledge and belief, has the right to use ‘said i]'ll.\1E~l'lllll‘l{ in the l`nit\>d States. 'either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto ns might be calculated to deceive; that said trademark is used by said corporation in commerce :among the seyerul States of the United States; that the description and drawing pres;-nte<l truly represents the tI`¥l\i("l'll£l\‘l( sought to be registered; and that . the spovinieus show the trinlemnrk as actu- ully used upon the goods. L. I{()SENB:\UM. r - S‘|l\5{'|'H)l'\i null sworn to before me, this :filth day of .\1l§`_flISQ, 1919. [1.. s.] ll. T. BERRY, ‘Notary Public. nu.,

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