Trademark registration number: 134,463
Not online at but on USM233 or right here! 134,463's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1920-08-31 online gazette
Class 38 Prints and publications
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I BEST AVAILABLE COPY UNITED STA'l;li‘._§_»_ _E’_i§;fENT or -t TRADE-ILBK FOB IONTBLY PUBLICATION. LGT 01' FEBRUARY 90, 1905. _ 134,463. Registered Aug. 31. 1920. Lypliciiiull ilell December 20. 1919.1 Serin] lo. 123 999. S'rA°re:M ENT. Ib all frlmm it may com-rrn: . Re it known that Tm-: \\`1n'r1I|.1s-MASS (`o.. u <°or|\ot~:\tion duly orgstnizt-sl under the laws of the State of Ohio. :md located in the city of (`in¢~i.nn:tti. county of Hamilton, in said State. and doing business at SHR-Qi! \\'c-st Third stmct, in the city of Cine-innstti, State of ()hio. has adopted for its use the trade-mark shown in the acwnipunving drawing. for at monthly publication, in Class 38, Prints and publications. The trade-znairk luis been continuously used in tho business of ~ said vorpnrattion since June l. 1915. - The tr-.ide-niatrk is applied or ailixed to the guutlS. or to tho p=\r'kngvs vontnining-the same, by being printed or stumped thereon. _ TIIE \\’lRTlil..INi1\l.\XX co., ny EDWIN N. w1R'1'uL1N, _ Prnt. ` Tun Vtvmfnn ' |:>Eo|_.AHAT|o\~i.` _ State ol' nhioronnty of llzunilton, as. l°:l)\\`lX X. \\'|trrnI.ts. being duly sworn. cléposes and says that he is the president. of the ¢~orpor:\tion. the applicant nam;-d in the foregoing statement: that he believes the foregoing stanteiuent is true; that he believes said rorporattion is the owner of the trade- mark sou,f_:ht to be rcgistered: that no other person. firm. 1-orpomtion or association, to the bt-st ol his knowledgt- and belief, has the right. to use said trade-mark tn the linited States. either in the identia-al form or in muy such near resemblatnce thereto :ts might be calculated tn deceive: that said trade-mark is usa.-ul by said 1-ortioraitiou in rontnit-rcs' nnnongg tht- several! State-s of'th\~ United Pilates: that tht* |l\.'§l'l'l[)tl(|!`\ and drawing presented truly rt~prt>s\~nt the trzlde-xnaxrk sought tn bv rt>giste\'t~d: and that thy speci- mvns show tha- (l'2l.lll‘=lllIil’l{ as actually usvd ll[)0l\ tln- goods. l~Il)\VIN N. \\'lRTllLlX. grittlnsf-ribt-nl and su-orn'to In»fo|°t~ mo. at no- tary public. this llith day of l)l`t‘t‘!llilt'l'. 1919. ||.. ._ | _mos 1>_ |~°os'r1-in. ‘ .Voiury Public.

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