Trademark registration number: 134,561
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Registration date: 1920-09-07 online gazette
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' sEs1'AvA||.ABLE coPv UNIT' STATES PATENT OFFICE. IHA] :Annu dc co.. or New roim, nr. Y. nu A1nsa1AJmn::mu;1LArnn` ACT OP FEBRUARY 20, 1905. 134561. _ _ ' Registered Sept. 7. 1920. Applientlon Bled Iovember 22, 1919! Serial Ro. 125172. _ ` STATE MEZNT. ` - To all whom it may 'om~'rn : Be it known that we. HYRIAN Bnvaux & Uv.. IQ firm domiciled in the city of New York. borough of Manhattan, in the county :ind State of New York. and doing business :it Nos. 113-117 Fifth avenue, in said city :md borou?. and composed of the following members, faux Bsvzns, a citizen of the United States, and Hnmnr W. Romnrrs, a. subject of the King of Great Britain. have adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, consisting of the word G1enlow_ for handkerchiefs, in (`l=\>=>= 4-2. Knitted. netted, and textile fabrics. The trade nm rk has been continuously used in our business since Xovember 17, 1919. The trade mark is affixed to the goods or to the |>2l('l{3l_f('$ contnining the goods by means of 11 printed label on which the trade mark is shown. Q HYMAN BAUMAN & CO., By HYMAN BAUMAN, A Member of the Firm. _ _ \$ _ s\` DEOLA State of New York, county of New York. ss. Hrnmx B.uf:|.\x. being duly sworn. de~ poses and says that hc is a member of the firm. the applicant named in thc foregoing statement: -that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes said iii-in is the owner of the trade-mark souvht to he registered: that no other person. fim1. cm-- poration or ussocintinn. to the best nf his knmvledgfe and belief. has the right to use said trade-mark. either in the inlentieal form or in any such near resemblance thereto :is might be calculated to deceive; that said RATION. trzule-nmrk is :use-I by said firm in cunlnierco :unong the several] States of the- United States: tlmt the drawing presented truly repn-sents the t|~:ule-nun-lc sought to _lie reg;- istered: and that the specimens sho\v the trzide-mark as :u~tu:\|l\ usa-d upon the goods. I>l'YM.\N BAITMAX- Sulnsq-ri|e4| Zlflll sworn tn lu~fme nw. a D0- tury |mIlir~. this 1Hth day of Lovembcr, L( )lTlS .\ DLI-IR. xs1u_ _ fr.. s. I V _ _ .\v otary Eublzc.

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