Trademark registration number: 134,565
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Registration date: 1920-09-14 online gazette
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY UNITED 'STATES PATENT OFFICE. B. ALTIAN nl: CO., OF NEW YOB.X,,N. Y. ' TRADE-HLRZ FOR SDLP. ` ._ .ACT DF FEBRUARY M, 1905. 134565. ` _ ‘ Registered Sept 14, 1920 Applintlon ma reurury za. isao. sum lo. 1zs,ssa. ....____ STATE M ENT. _ Tb all whom if may rom-˘°rn : ° Be it known that B. .-\|.'rnrAN & (`u., a cor- pomtion duly organized under the laws of the State of Kew York. lovnted and doing l»usines< :it Thirty-fourth street :md Fifth avenue. in the i)0l‘0ll"l\`0f Manhattan. z-ity. county. and State of Eur York,~h:1s adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the ne- rompanying drawing. for soap, in Class 4, Ahnxsive; detergent, and polishing materinls. _ The tragle mark has been continuously used In the business of said corporfution sinee 1901. " The trade mark is applied or affixed to the goods by being impremed, printed or otherwise pro4_|uc:ed upon labels attaehed to the pau-kages containing the goods. 1-:_ .\ L'rM,\x s. co. By w_ M. In-:RGHoLI5, ‘ V Treasurer. E _I State of Xen' York county of New \\'r|.x.I_n| M. Bsnrmoux heingdnly sworn, deposes and says. that he is the treasurer of B, .\r.1'M.\x»& (`o,. the applit-ant named in the foregoing statenlent: tlmt he irerily be- lieves that the foregoing statement is true: that he lnelieves said 1-orpomtion to he the o\\'|rer of the tn le-mark sought tn he regis- tered: that no :hher person. firm. vorporu- tion or zlssgu-intioll. to the best of ili§»kI\0\\`i- edge :und-~ln~|i\~i`. has the right to um- Said tr=u|e-mznrk in the Ynited States. either in the ide-nti˘~a| foml or in any such near re- :~z~n|bla||v~e there-to as might he "lli˘‘lI|!lt(‘li to lleffeivez that the trade-mark is ilsed by said corporation. in commerce among the several Stat.-as of the Vnion. and particularly be- tween the States of New York and New Jer- sey: that the description. rlrawing and spewi- nn-ns presented for record trulv represent the trade-mark sought to he n-gihta-|°wI: :md that the speeimens show the tmde-nmrk as aa-tnmlly used upon the goods. 4 W. M. BERGII( )LI). Sworn to :md sul»s˘~riln--I In-fore me this llith day of February. 1920. [L_ s.'] SAD! E M ER YASH. ' ;‘?0tl1l?/ Pub lic. » O s

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