Trademark registration number: 148,114
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Registration date: 1921-11-29 online gazette
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UNITED, .STATES PATENT OFFICE. KLEIN CI-IOGOLATE COMPANY, OF ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA. TRADE-MARK FOR CHOCOLATE. ACT OF FEBRUARY 20, 1905. 148,114. Registered Nov. 8, 1921. Application filed April 7, 1921. Serial No. 145,836. STATEMENT. A To all whom' 'lt may conccwu Be it known that KLEIN CHOCOLATE COM- PANY, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and lo- cated at Elizabethtown, in the county of Lancaster and State of Pennsylvania, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for chocolate, in Glass 46, Foods and ingredients of foods. The trade-mark has been in use since Jan- uary, 1913. The trade-mark is afiixed, to the recep- tacles or packages containing the goods. ' KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY, By WM. KLEIN, ‘ General Manager, _ z~ f=_.=. _ _ _ _ 3 \ ,pw I; \x_}g=>' I ~' X.. 25 ,ss 1 ’" iin: 9; 1 ~=>"\ ,L ’ ‘’-`;\ ,§,,=w:’ /S-up ‘I ‘ ev-Q. W1 .. < -m, f #si H s QA’ N2 “Q 'f' _ Hgga/, is ? . ,I W5 »,,,,_ , .N 35, r-A-,\_` ,, 2 `\ YU’ -#Jn t K . _g `_/, T ' s?#l*“ “ "=f»/we “arg Q, ~» s \, , - ~ ff al 'Y' DECLARATION. State of Pennsylvania, county of Lancas- ter, ss: WILLIAM I{LEIN, being duly sworn, de- poses and says that he is the general man- ager of the company, the applicant named in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he be- lieves said company is the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered; that no other person, firm, corporation, or associa- tion, to the best of his knowledge and be- lief, has the right to use said trade-mark in the United States, either in the identical form or in any such resemblance there- to as might be calculated to deceive; that said trade-mark is used by said corporation in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the description and drawing presented truly represent the trade- mark sought to be registered; and that the specimens show the trade-mark sought to be registered; and that the specimens show the trade-mark as actually used upon the goods. WM. KLEIN. Subscribed and aflirmed to before me, a notary public, this 26th day of March, 1921. [L.S.] SAMUEL B. KIEFER, _ Notary Public.

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