Trademark registration number: 148,321
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Registration date: 1921-11-29 online gazette
Class 4 Abrasives and polishing materials
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UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. CI-IAS. W. YOUNG & CO., OF PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. TRADE-MARK FOR A COMPOUND FOR RENDERING- LEATHER SOFT, FLEXIBLE, AND PLIABLE. ACT OF FEBRUARY 20, 1905; 14=8,321. Registered Nov. 8, 1921. P Application filed December 9, 1920. Serial No. 140,855. - STATEMENT. T 0 all fw hom- it may 00'/L067I'l.f Be it known that we, CHAS. W. YOUNG & Oo., a lirm domiciled in Philadelphia, county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, doing business at 1247-49 North Twenty- sixth street, in said city, and composed of the following members, DE NARD WV. B. YOUNG, GEO. F. YOUNG, and IDA C: YOUNG CRUBIBIE, citizens of the United States of America, have adopted and used the trade- mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for a compound for rendering leather soft, flexible, and pliable, in Class 4, Abrasive, detergent, and polishing materials. The trade-mark has been continuously used in our business since November 26, 1920. The trade-mark is applied or aliixed to the goods, or to the packages containing the same, by placing thereon a printed label on which the trade-mark is shown. CHAS. \V. YOUNG & CO., By GEO. F. YOUNG, A Member of the Firm. TERNSH00 State of Pennsylvania, county of Philadel- phia, ss. GEORGE F. YOUNG, being duly sworn, de- poses and says that he is a member of the firm, the applicant named in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes said' firm is the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered; that no other person, firm, cor- poration, or association, to the best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use said trade-mark in the United States, either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calculated to deceive; that said trade-mark is used by said firm in commerce among the several States of _the United States; that the de- scription and drawing presented truly repre- sent the trade-mark sought- to be registered; and that the specimens show the trade-mark as actually used upon the goods. GEO. F. YOUNG. Subcribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of December, 1920. [L.s.] ' G. PERCY FOX, Noltarg/ Public,

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