Trademark registration number: 148,570
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Registration date: 1921-11-29 online gazette
Class 23 Cutlery, machinery, and tools and parts thereof
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UNITED STATES PATENT oFF1cE. IBETI-ILEHEM STEEL COMPANY, OF BETI-ILEI-IEM, PENNSYLVANIA. TRADE-MARK FOR IPRESSES FOR METAL-WORKING. ACT OF MARCH 19, 1920. 14s,5vo. l Registered Nov. 15, 1921. Application filed June 2, 1921. Serial No. 148,526. STATEMENT. To all whom it may com:e1'n: ' Be it known that BETHLEHEM STEEL CoM- PANY, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and located in the city of Bethlehem, county of Northampton, in the State of Pennsylvania, and doing business at Bethlehem, Pa., has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for presses for metal-working, in Class 23, Cutlery, machin- ery, and tools, and parts thereof. _ The trade mark has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since April, 1920. The trade mark has usually been applied or affixed to the goods by casting it thereon [L. s.] BETHLEHEM STEEL COMPANY, By ROBERT EDWIN McMATl-I, Secretary. BETH LEHEM State of Pennsylvania, county of Northamp- ton, ss. ROEERT EDWIN MCMATH, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that he is secretary of the BETHLEHEM STEEL COMPANY the ap- plicant named in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes the applicant to be the owner of the trade mark sought to be regis- tered; that no other person, firm, corpora- tion, or association, to the best of his know]- edge and belief, has the right to use said trade mark inthe United States of America, on merchandise of thesame descriptive prop- erties as those recited in the foregoing state- ment; that said trade mark is used by said company in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the de- scription and drawing presented truly rep- resents the trade mark sought to be regis- tered; that the specimens presented show the trade mark as actually used upon the goods; and that the mark has been in bona yide use for not less than one year in interstate and foreign commerce by the applicant or its predecessors in business. ROBERT EDWIN MCMATH. Subscribed and sworn to before me, at Bethlehem, Pa., this 31st day of May, 1921. [L_ s.] H. M. VVITEMEYER, N otary Pglblic.

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