Trademark registration number: 150,437
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Registration date: 1922-01-03 online gazette
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UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. THE KLENS-ZOL CO., OF GLENN, MICHIGAN. TRADE-MARK. EOR AUTOMOBILE AND FURNITURE CLEANER AND POLISH. ACT OF FEBRUARY 20, 1905. 150,42-TY. Registered Jan. 3, 1922. - Application iled May 7, 1921. Serial No. 147,350. STATEMENT. , T 0 all Q0/zom it may 0012 0e1'o1,: Be it known that THE KLENS-ZOL Oo., a iirm domiciled' in the city of Glenn, county of Allegan, and State of Michigan, doing business at Glenn, Michigan, and composed of the following members, LEONARD A. SEY- MOUR, HARTIiEY GABLE, ERNEST D. SEYMOUR, ROBERT F. HUNZIRER, and GEORGE K. TAY- LOR, citizens of the United States, has adopt- ed and used the trade-mark shown in the ac- companying drawing, for automobile and furniture cleaner and polish, in Olass No. 16, Paints and painters’ materials. _The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of said firm since February, 1920. The trade-mark is applied or affixecl to the goods, or to the packages containing the same, by placing thereon a printed label on which the mark is shown. THE KLENS-ZOL OO., By LEONARD A. SEYMOUR, ` A Member of the Firm. K Lens-lol. ` . DECLARATION. State of Michigan, county of Allegan, ss: LEONARD A. SEYMOUR, being duly sworn, deposes andsays he is a member of the firm, the applicant named in the foregoing state- ment; that he believes the foregoing state- ment is true; that he believes said firm to be the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered; that no other person, firm, cor- poration or associationjto the best of his knowledge and belief, hasthe right to use said trade-mark in the United States, either in the identical form, or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calculated to deceive; that the said trade-markgxis used by the applicant in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the drawing presented truly represents the trade-mark sought to be registered; that the specimens (or facsimiles) show the trade- mark as actually used upon the goods, and that his full first name is as signed hereto. LEONARD A. SEYMOUR. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a no- tary public, this 11th day of April, 1921. [L. s.] ERNEST D-. SEYMOUR, . N otary Public.

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