Trademark registration number: 151,057
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Registration date: 1922-01-10 online gazette
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UNITED. STATES PATENT OFFICE. UTICA. VALVE & FIXTURE COMPANY, OF UTICA, NEW YORK. TRADE-MARK FOR GAS COCKS. » ACT OF MARCH 19, 1920. _ 151,057._ Registered Jan. 10, 1922. , Application filed September 12, 1921. Serial No. 152,873. STATEMENT. To all whom it may cofnccrfn: Be it known that UTICA VALVE & FIXTURE OOMPANY, a corporation duly organized un- der the laws of the State of New York, and located in the city of Utica, county of Oneida, and State of New York, and do- ing business at 304 Hubbell Street, in said city of Utica, county of Oneida, and State of New York, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for gas cocks, in Olass 13, Hard- ware and plumbing and steam-fitting sup- plies. The trade-mark has been continuously used in our business since April 7, 1914. ' The trade-mark is applied or affixed to the goods, or to the packages containing the same, by casting or stamping thereon the word “Fu1lway.” UTICA VALVE & FIXTURE COMPANY, By C. M. FARLEY, Secretary cmd Treasurer. FULLW/\Y ' DECLARATION. State of New York, county of Oneida, ss: OORA M. FARLEY, being duly sworn, de- poses and says that she is the secretary and treasurer of the corporation, the applicant named in the foregoing statement;_that she believes the foregoing statement is true; that she believes said corporation is the owner of the trade-mark sought to be reg- istered; that no other person, firm, corpora- tion, or association, to the best of her knowl- edge and belief, has the right to use said mark in the United States of America, on merchandise of the same descriptive prop- erties as those recited in the foregoing state- ment; that said mark is used by said corpo- ration in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the de- scription and drawing presented truly rep- resent the mark sought to be registered; that the facsimiles show the mark as actu- ally used upon the goods; and that the mark has been in bona fide use for not less than one year in interstate commerce by the ap- plicant. OORA M. FARLEY. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a no- tary public, this 9 day of September, 1921. [L. s.] WVILLARD W. SMITH, Notary Public.

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