Trademark registration number: 151,719
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Registration date: 1922-02-14 online gazette
Class 19 Vehicles
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UNITED STATES _PATENT OFFICE FRANK V. COOKE, OF DETROIT, MICH.IGAN TRADE-MARK FOR VEHICLE SPRINGS. , ACT OF FEBRUARY 20, 1905. ~ 151/7'19. Registered Feb. 14, 1922. Application iled February 25, 1921. Serial No. 144,017. STATEM“E,N T. To all whom it concern: Be it known that I, IIRANK V. CooKE, a citizen of the United States of America, re- siding at Detroit, in the county of WVayne, State of Michigan, and doing business at Fourteenth and Howard Streets, in said city, have adopted for my use for vehicle springs the trade-mark shown in the accom- panying drawing, consisting of the words “Trans-Lever Spring,” in Class 19, Ve- hicles, not including engines. No claim is made to the word “Spring” apart from the word “Trans-Lever.” The trade-mark has been continuously used in the business of applicant since August 2, 1920. A - The trade-mark is applied or affixed to the goods, either in the form of a label secured thereto, or by being stamped or imprinted thereon or cast therein, or by being applied to the goods by means of metal plates bear- ing the mark being aflixed to said goods. FRANK V. COOKE. TRANS-LEVER s|==|=Q|Ne ` DECLARATION. _ State of Michigan county of Wayne ss. FRANK V. COOKE, being duly sworn, de- poses and says that he is the applicant named in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes himself to be the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered;that no other person, firm, corporation, or asso- ciation, to the best of his knowledge and be- lief, has the right to use said trade-mark, either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calcu- lated to deceive; that said trade-mark is used by him in commerce among the several States of the United States and between the United States and foreign nations, particu- larly with the Dominion of Canada; that the drawing presented truly represents the trade-mark sought to be registered; and that the specimens show the trade-mark as actu- ally used upon the goods. [L S.; FRANK V. oooKE. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a no- tary public, this 28th day of January, 1921. [L_ s.] VIRGINIA C. SPRATT, .Notary Public.

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