Trademark registration number: 152,163
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Registration date: 1922-02-21 online gazette
Class 42 Knitted, netted and textile fabrics, and substitutes therefore
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UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. e THE ERWIN COTTON MILLS CO., OF WEST DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA. A TRADE-MARK FOR COTTON GOODS IN THE PIECE. AGT OF FEBRUARY 20, 1905. V 152,163. Registered Feb. 21, 1922. Application iled September 22, 1920. Serial No. 137,450. STATEMENT. To al? 'whom it may concern .' Be it known that THE ERWVIN CorroN MILLS Co., a corporation duly organized un- der the laws of the State of North Carolina, located and doing business at YVest Durham, county of Durham, in said State, has adopt-- ed and used the trade-mark shown in the ac- companying drawing. This trade mark has been continuously used in the business of said corporation since April 10th, 1915. The merchandise to which this trade mark is appropriated is comprised in Class 42, Knitted, netted, and textile fabrics, and the particular description of goods in such class upon which the mark is used is cotton goods in the piece. The trade mark is usually applied by means of a ticket or label affixed directly to the goods, and to packages containing the same, although it may be otherwise applied as desired. THE I-IRWIN COTTON MILLS CO., By W. A. ERWIN, Secretary. HEWERA State of North Carolina county of Durham ss. W. A. ERWIN, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is secretary of the corpora- tion, the applicant named in the foregoing statement; that he believes the foregoing statement is true; that he believes said cor- poration is the owner of the trade-mark sought to be registered; that no other person, firm, corporation, or association, to the best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use said trade-mark in the United States, either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calcu- lated to deceive; that said trade-mark is used by said corporation in commerce among the several States of the United States; that the description and drawing presented truly rep- resent the trade-mark sought to be regis- tered; and that the specimens show the trade-mark as actually used upon the goods. W. A. ERWTN. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a no- tary public, this 7 th day of September, 1920. [L_ s.] JAMES Q. DAVIS, JR., N ota/ry Public.

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