Trademark registration number: 17061
Serial Number: 60017061
Registration date: 1889-09-24 online gazette
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Russ says this was ocr'ed from design patent D17061! IO 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. PENINSULAR TRADING AND FISHING COMPANY, OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. TRADE-MARK FOR HERMETICALLY-SEALED SALMON. STATEMENT and DECLARATION of Trade-Mark No. 17,061, registered September 24, 1889. Application filed August 19, 1889. STATEMENT. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that the PENINSULAR TRAD- ING AND FISHING COMPANY, a corporation es- tablished nnder the laws of the State of Cali- fornia, and engaged in the business of pack- ing and exporting salmon, and having its office and principal place of business in the city and county of San Francisco, and State of Cal- ifornia, has adopted for its use in said busi- ness a Trade-Mark for Salmon, of which the following is a specification. The said trade-mark consists of the arbi- trary word “Compass ” and a pictorial repre- sentation of a mariner’s compass. These are arranged generally, as shown in the accompa- nying fac-simile, with the Words “Compass Brand Salmon ” and a pictorial representation of a mariner’s compass on awhite background, showing the various points of the compass. The words “ Com ass Brand ” are placed above the said mariner s compass and the word “ Sal- mon” below the same; but the words “Brand” and“ Salmon” may be omitted altogether from above and below the said mariner’s compass, or one or the other may be used in connection with the word “Compass” and the represen- tation of said mariner’s compass, and the re- mainin g Word omitted altogether, without de- parting froin the character and spirit of said trade-mark, the essential features of which consist, as before stated, of the word “ COM- PASS ” and the pictorial representation of a mariner‘s compass. It is the custom of the said corporation to print the said trade-mark on labels in colors after the manner and style of the accompa- nying facsimile, with the body of the label in red, having in the right center the representa- tion of a salmon on a colored background in the middle, and on the parts of the field above the picture of the fish the words “First Qual- ity Fresh Spring,” and beneath the picture of the fish the Words “Salmon, Scotchler & Gibbs, Agents, San Francisco, Cal.” The names of other agents, however, may be used instead of those of Scotchler & Gibbs. On the left-hand side of the fish, near its mouth, are usually printed the words “ Packed at Ko- dat, Alaska, by the” and on the right-hand side of the fish, near and below the tail, the words “Peninsular Trading & Fishing 00.” Two parallel rows of light-blue and blacklines are printed lengthwise across the label, partially covered by the picture of the compass and the background on which the picture of the fish is printed. The trade-mark above described is arranged and printed, for convenience, on the same band or strip of paper with the picture of the compass in black and white or any suitable colors, and the words on said label also in any suitable colors. This trade-mark has been used by said cor~ poration in its business of packing and selling salmon since the 15th day of May, A.D. 1889. The class of goods for which thesaid trade- mark is appropriated and to which it is ap- plied is hermetically—sealed goods, and the particular description of goods comprised in said cases upon which said trademark is used is salmon. It has been the custom from the beginning to print the said trademark in colors, as shown by the accompanying fac-simile, and to print it upon labels, which are afterward affixed to cans or packages containing the goods. In testimony whereof the said corporation has hereto affixed its signature by its presi- dent and its corporate seal by its secretary, in the presence of two witnesses, this 24th day of May, A. D. 1889. [L. S._| PENINSULAR TRADING J6; FISIIING 00.. By J. E. ADAMS, President. HARTLEY WILLIAMS, Secretary. \Vitnesses: J. M. SCOTCHLER, CHAS. E. GIBBS. 50 S5 60 65 70 75 80

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