Trademark registration number: 307,815
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Registration date: 1933-11-07 online gazette
Class 46 Foods and ingredients of foods
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an- Rezisfered Nev. 7, 1933 Trade-Mark 307,815 ' gum 1 sfcmm v=ff'f','~_ ,._;,,;,', g _J ;...,_ _,~ _1_,_' _ _ f,.i _ - '''~"' r V ,I ff, __ __ ` _ ~ ~ = V 1- ,J few 5 ""\6 6-L/(-/4- br-1/\.._ ` H \ W 7 K 4. Z0",SlI'. All{\VAY. Registered Nov. 7, 1933. ll\ iilllf ` G ic ;:Ll\\`:ll"1lB l`on\puny, Sun Frzim-lsi-n, Calif. R(ll\\\'Q*(l \0\ 'Pl " ~ - ", 11)Til_ I S:\f<\\\'i\_' Storms, liicorporzih-rl, ()\\l\lz\m I1 J;\llf.,|n L-|:rpm'z\tim\\:\(` l\[l\'I}lilll(l. Coffee. Class 4( UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE - Dwight Edwards Company, San Francisco, Calif. Act of February 20, 1905 Application June 27, 1933. Serial No. 339,264 IRWAY To the Commissioner of Patents: Dwight Edwards Company, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Cali- fornia, and located at San Francisco, California.. and doing business at No. 255 Twelfth Street, San Francisco, has adopted and used the trade- mark, shown in the accompanying drawing, for COFFEE, in Class 46, Foods and ingredients of foods, and presents herewith five (5) specimens showing the trade-mark as actually used upon the goods, and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Oiiice in accordance with the act of February 20. 1905. The trade-mark has been continuously used and applied to said goods in applicants business since December 16, 1927. The trade-mark is applied or aflixed to the goods or to the packages containing the same, by placing thereon a printed label on which the trade-mark is shown, also by printing it directly on the packages containing the goods. Appli- cant is the owner of regd. mark :t243,680, Wes- tern States Grocery Co., June 26, 1928. The undersigned hereby appoints Samuel Her- rick, whose postal address is No. 1705 K Street, city of Washington, District of Columbia, its at- torney, to prosecute this application for registra- tion with full power of substitution and revoca- tion, and to make alterations and amendments therein, to receive the certificate, and to transact all business in the Patent Othce connected there- with. [L. s.] DWIGHT EDWARDS COMPANY. By DRUMMOND WILDE, Secretary. ,V i, Yr;,;:~,___ v* ref' I ` ANU2i5ir';

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