Trademark registration number: 307,895
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Registration date: 1933-11-07 online gazette
Class 42 Knitted, netted and textile fabrics, and substitutes therefore
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,\,~-=e~.w\:J\li lb / 17--~55~5 Registered Nev. 1, 1933 T,-ade_Ma,-k 307,895 5:3213 RENEWAL PQQ' . EQ"M_ . 1 _e=e - ~ seg ci . tfmw W E "85' fRfi,'{,..~;&fflSfef;(f`1f<19ef;2:,uf,T.iT;f UNITED STATES 1 . G` Har() '01 L l9"3 to James G. Hllfdy 3 (Ov Im" }. _7_ o , , . __ . Renewed ov Y tion of Newxorkl NK, New York, N \__ .\ corpofll and Pillow Cases, (`1&\SS 4... PATENT OFFICE James G. Hardy, doing business as James G. Hardy & Co., New York, N. Y. Act of February 20, 1905 Application April 29, 1933. Serial No. 337,296 Priscilla To the Commissioner of Patents: James G. Hardy, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at New York city, New York, and doing business under the name and style of James G. Hardy & Co., at 354 Fourth Avenue, city, county and State of New York, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accom- panying drawing, for SHEETS AND PILLOW CASES, in Class 42, Knitted, netted, and textile fabrics, and presents herewith five (5) specimens showing the trade-mark as actually used by ap- plicant upon the goods, and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Oiice in accordance with the act of February 20, 1905. The trade-mark has been continuously used and applied to said goods in applicants business since April, 1931. The trade-mark is applied 01' aflixed to the goods or to the packages containing the same by placing thereon a printed label on which the trade-mark is shown. This application is made without prejudice to, or waiver of, any rights of applicant under pre- vious applications and registrations, and at com- mon law. The undersigned hereby appoints Harry D. Nims, Minturn de S. Verdi, Wallace H. Martin and Edward T. Pierce, doing business as partners under the name and style of Nims & Verdi, whose postal address is 60 East 42nd Street, Borough of Manhattan, city, county and State of New York, as attorneys with full power of substitution and revocation, to prosecute this application for reg- istration, to make alterations and amendments therein, and to receive the certificate, and to transact all business in the Patent Ofiice con- nected therewith. JAMES G. HARDY. H

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