Trademark registration number: 311,705
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Registration date: 1934-04-03
1 assignment
Class 23 Cutlery, machinery, and tools and parts thereof
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,gi-`FiiJA‘\/IT SEC. B Int. C1. 2 ACCEPTED Registered Apr. 3, 1934 SECUYQ.. RQIQINAL AFFIDAVIT SEC 15 V*€f§C?F7`F ED _ -g Trade- ang: iiigmgts ili§liPLlé:§i.irsl»~i 1” 1 *,&'2e.*..i°,~ .tl /Pf<ov\DE-/UC-15, 7?»I~ CANCELLED SEC. 8 UNITED STATES FEBZQZW PATENT OFFICE Nicholson File Company G. & I-I. Barnett Division, Providence, R. I. Act of February 20, 1905 Application November 15, 1933, Serial No. 343,699 £7 ./ sus' u.st_,-1. ~-~=--~#-- ;y, STATEMENT To the Commissioner of Patents : Nicholson File Company G. & H. Barnett Divi- sion, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, located in the city of Providence, County of Providence, State of Rhode Island and doing business at 23 Acorn Street in said city of Providence, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accom- panying drawing, for FILES AND RASPS, in Class 23, Cutlery, machinery, and tools, and parts thereof, and presents herewith five specimens showing the trade-mark as actually used by it upon the goods, and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Oftlce in accordance with the act of February 20, 1905. The trade-mark has been continuously used and applied to said goods in applicants business since 1865. The trade-mark is used on and applied to the containers in the manner shown. No claim under the act of February 20, 1905, as amended, is made to the representation of a box apart from the mark as shown on the drawing. However, applicant reserves all common law rights thereto. The lining of the box as shown on the drawing indicates the coloring green. The applicant is the owner of the following registered trade-marks: No. 8,499 July 19, 1881; No. 42,256 March 15, 1904; No. 46,791 October 10, 1905; No. 46,792 October 10, 1905; No. 46,951 Oc- tober 17, 1905; No. 46,952 October 17, 1905; No. 48,371 December 26, 1905; No. 54,872 July 31, 1906; No. 54,873 July 31, 1906; and No. 186,114 July 1, 1924. Registration No. 186,114, referred to above, was effected under the ten year proviso of the act of February 20, 1905, as amended. [L. s.] NICHOLSON FILE COMPANY G. & H. BARNE'I'I‘ DIVI- SION, By ERNEST S. CRAIG. Secretary. ? 3 >~ JANUA" ~

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