Trademark registration number: 314,033
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Registration date: 1934-06-19 online gazette
Class 6 Chemicals and chemical compositions
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int. Gi-;-LD Registered June 19, 1934 gene nw Trade-Mark 314,033 RMeR.c_RN //Ame PR,,_DC_-rg, CORfDRRTl`D7'\| aaa E. WT Sf New >"" N- SZECQND REi~E\.f\!i\U UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison, Ltd., Montreal, Quebec, Canada Act of February 20, 1905 Application August 23, 1933, Serial No. 340,940 Emmem To the Commissioner of Patents: Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison, Ltd., a corpora- tion duly organized under the laws of the Domin- ion of Canada, and located at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and doing business at 781 William Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has adopted and used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying draw- ing, for a MEDICINAL PRODUCT FOR TREAT- MENT OF MENSTRUAL DISORDERS, in Class 6, Chemicals, medicines, and pharmaceutical preparations, and presents herewith nve speci- mens showing the trade-mark as actually used by applicant upon the goods, and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Oflice in accordance with the act of February 20, 1905. The trade-mark has been continuously used and applied to said goods in applicants busi- ness since April, 1930. The trade-mark is applied or aiiixed to the goods, or to the packages con- taining the same, by placing thereon a printed label on which the trade-mark is shown. Application for said trade-mark has been made in Canada, No. 162,'709, dated August 3, 1933. The undersigned hereby appoints Paul F. Han- nah, whose postal address is 905 American Secur- ity Building, City of Washington, District of Columbia, its attorney, to prosecute its applica- tion for registration with full power of substitu- tion and revocation, to make alterations and amendments therein, to receive the certificate, and to transact all business in the Patent Onice connected therewith. Said Paul F. Hannah is designated as appli- cants representative on whom process or notice of proceedings affecting the right to ownership of said trade-mark brought under the laws of the United States may be served. AYERST, MCKENNA & HARRISON, LTD., By H. MCPHERSON, Secretary-Treasurer. \'l~`/-.`, ,_. ,g ,i , i fir /) Fl, 7` / L' in Nfl * . _ _ r Hi-f L . "W .J'i'I.."1' ~ . ' V_V___ W _ ,J J

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