Trademark registration number: 521059
Serial Number: 60521059
Registration date: 1950-02-14
Class 105 Transportation and storage
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Regiaeéea Feb. 14, 1950 Registration No. 521,059 PRINCIPAL REGISTER Service Mark UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE The Kansas City Southern Railway Company, Kansas City, Mo. ~ Act of 1946 Application October 20, 1947, Serial No. 538,421 ( Statement) The Kansas City Southern Railway Company, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Missouri, located at Kansas City, Missouri, and doing business at 114 West 11th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, has adopted and is using the service mark shown in the accom- panying drawing, for RAILROAD PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION SERVICE, in Class 105, 'Transportation and storage, and presents here- with ilve specimens showing the service mark as actually used in connection with the sale or ad- vertising of such services; the service mark being used as follows: by being printed on timetables, dining car menus, and advertising literature, and by being sho-wn on signs displayed at railroad station passenger gates and on railway rolling -stock used in rendering the services; and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Oflice on the Principal Register in ac- cordance with the act of July 5, 1946. The service mark was first used on August 9, 1940, and first used in the sale or advertising of services and the services rendered in commerce among the several States which may lawfully be regulated by Congress, on September 2, 1940. (Declaration) W. N. Deramus, being duly sworn, deposes and 2%/le says that he is president and chairman of the board of The Kansas City Southern Railway Com- pany, the applicant named in the foregoing state- ment, that he believes that said corporation is the owner of the service mark, which is in use in commerce among the several States, and that no other person, iirm, corporation or association, to the best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use such service mark in commerce which may lawfully be regulated by Congress either in the identical form thereof, or in such near resem- blance thereto as might be calculated to deceive, except that Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Com- pany, a, Delaware corporation having a principal place of business at .Shreveport, La., legitimately uses the mark as a related company which the applicant legitimately controls in respect to the nature and quality of the services in connection with which the mark is used; that the drawing and description truly represent the service mark sought to be registered; that the specimens show the service mark as actually used in connection with the sale or advertising of services, and that the facts set forth in the statement are true. THE KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY, By W. N. DERAMUS, _ President and Chairman of the Board.

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