Trademark registration number: 523613
Serial Number: 60523613
Registration date: 1950-04-04 online gazette
Class 105 Transportation and storage
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Registered Apr. 4, 1950 Registration No. ~523,6'13 PRINCIPAL REGISTER I in Service Mark UNITED STATES PATENT OF-Fl~C,;E,’ Q , L. A. Raulerson, Jacksonville, Fla. I Act of 1946 Application August 11, 1947, Serial No. 531,073 QGIA N Q0 OQ) XUOS F 0 YS FM 63855 40 -6' 1 WA ALA8P~\i‘P` ( Statement) L. A. Raulerson, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, and doing business at, 1863 Clarkson Street, Jacksonville 6, Duval County, Florida, has adopted and is using the service mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION OF PROPERTY BY MOTOR VEHICLE, in Class 105, Transpor- tation and storage, and presents herewith live (5) specimens showing the service mark as actu- ally used in connection with the sale or adver- tising of such services; the service mark being used as follows: (a) identifying emblem painted on the sides of motor trucks and trailers of re- lated companies; (b) distinguishing mark on calendars, maps, book matches, other advertis- ing matter, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, other stationery forms of the applicant and related companies; (c) other use of a similar kind, by the applicant and related companies; the appli- cant however disclaims the word “System,” and describes the lining in the drawing as lining in the mark; and requests that the service mark so described be registered in the United States Patent Oiice on the Principal Register in ac- cordance with section 2(f) of the act of July 5, 1946. The service mark was first used on or about November 1, 1935, and first used in the sale or advertising of services and the services rendered in commerce among the several States which may lawfully be regulated by Congress on or about November 1, 1935, such first use being by the applicant and by a related company, namely, Great Southern Trucking Company, owned and controlled by the applicant, and such use inuring to the benefit of the applicant. Q. \»\ 'ip/01 §_ G* _.||||C'“§1 I Us ` _ S 1 QV == @5˘ -vN\‘°° (Declaration) Applicant being duly sworn, deposes and says that he believes himself to be the owner of the service mark, which is in use in commerce among the several States, and that no other per- son, firm, corporation or association, to the best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use such service mark in commerce which may be lawfully regulated by Congress either in the identical form thereof, or in such near resem- blance thereto as might be calculated to deceive, with the exception of the following named re- lated companies, the principal stock of which is owned by the applicant, and the operations of which companies are controlled by the appli- cant, all having their principal place of business at 1863 Clarkson Street, Jacksonville 6, Florida, and said service mark being used by such re- lated companies in connection with the sale and advertising of services and as a distinguishing mark of the established ownership and control by the applicant, and such use inures to the ap- plicant’s benefit, the names and the nature of the related companies being: (a) Great Southern Trucking Company, a Florida corpo- ration, a motor common carrier of general com- modities over regular routes within and between the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. (b) National Trucking Company, a Florida corpora- tion, a motor contract carrier of automobiles and trucks within and between the States of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. (c) Na- tional Convoy and Trucking Company, a North Carolina corporation, a motor contract carrier of automobiles, trucks, and parts, within and between the States of North Carolina and South Carolina. (cl) Terminal Supply Company, a 2 . y A A 523,613 ' Florida corporation, a garage operating com- pany maintaining garages in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville. Florida, serving the Great Southern Trucking Company and National Trucking Company, solely, and buying and selling goods in commerce between the several States, the related com- panies to continue the use of such service mark while they continue under the ownership and con- trol of the applicant with the use of the service mark inuring to the benefit of the applicant; and further that the registration is sought under section 2(f) of the act and the applicant claims distinctiveness based on substantially exclusive and continuous use thereof as a mark by the ap- plicant and related companies in interstate com- merce for the live years next preceding the date of filing of the application for its registration, and applicant alleges such use; that . the drawing and description truly represent the service mark sought to be registered; that the specimens and facsimiles show the service mark as actually used in connection with the sale or advertising of services, and that the facts set forth in the statement are true. L. A. RAULERSON.

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