Trademark registration number: 55860
Serial Number: 60055860
Registration date: 1906-08-21 online gazette
Class 45 Beverages, non-alcoholic
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3/'A `\ UNITED STATES PATENT oEE1oE. ADAM SCHANTZ, JR., OF DAYTON, OHIO, TRUSTEE OF ADAM SCHANTZ, SR., A p DECEASED. V TRADE-MARK FOR PURIFIED WATER. ' No. 55,860. Statement and Declaration. Registered Aug. 21, 1906. Appucaamiaiea Apfn 17, 1905. Serial NO. z,osz. v STATEMENT. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that ADAM SCHANTZ, Jr., trus- tee of the estate of ADAM SCHANTZ, Sr., de- ceased, and located and doing business in the city of Dayton, county of Montgomery, and State of Ohio, as the ADAM SCHANTZ ESTATE, has adopted for his use the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing. A This trade -mark has been continuously used by ADAM SCHANTZ, Jr., and his prede- cessor since December, 1899. The class of merchandise i to which the trade-mark' is appropriated is Class 45, Bev- erages, non-alcoholic, and the particular de- scription of goods comprised in said class upon which said tradeemark is used is puri- fied Water. . _ The trade~mark is usually affixed directly to the bottles by means of labels, to the cases containing the product in bottles, and to the cases in boxes containing the product in bulk by means of labels. ' ADAM SOHANTZ, JR., Y Trustee of estate of Adam Schautz, Sr. JDECLAHATIOE- State of Ohio, countyof Montgomery, ss: ADAM SCHANTZ, Jr., being duly sworn de- poses and says that he is the trustee of the estate of ADAM SCHANTZ, Sr., deceased, and is the applicant named in the foregoing state- ment ; that he believes the foregoing state- ment is true ; that he believes he is the owner i of the trade-mark sought to be registered ; that no other person, iirm, corporation or as- sociation, to the best of his knowledge and belief, has the right to use said trade-mark either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as might be calcu- lated to deceive ; thatthe said trade-mark is used by him in commerce between the States of the United States, particularly between the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michi- gan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and Florida; and that the description, draw- ing and specimens presented herewith truly represent the trade-mark sought to be reg- istered. ADAM SCHANTZ, JR. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3d day of July, 1905. [L. s.] R. J. MCCARTY, Notary Public /tu and for County of lilo'/tt gomery, State of Ohio. _ _.... .._._._.,.......\-. ,~1,-.i_,..,,,-,__.,~,~_=;A _--, ,te;A~;=~:.<.-_ein-....~- A a~_;_.= w-~<;:' -sew ' 'f f'--e-~.~\;A..~;v-<>--~ :V '- :V ____ .A __ _...w._.,._.._.~ - ~m.-ag... .._j\ic.,.,_,_,_,=A..;,,.,_=.~i1 TRADE-MARK. _ N0-i55.860. _ Rtcisrtmzn AUG. 21, 1906 ADAM SCHVANTZ, SR., DtiC'D. ADAM souiuzrz. Ja., rnuarnn. _ PURIFIED WATER. _ APPLIOATIOH rrtnn Arn.\v,19os __;~. ra/I & /// I'-V/ jj/;` Q' \ ' _ i ; -9 F fp; E Qu , ll I 5 i Ui; A re;-_.AA/W//y, t 25 W/ _/ \t> _ es/Apes? gf / if /gt ff\ / ...~ tt . a \,f.-s A V. ff ._ \ _= psf: W'-if in l tiiiifh - " f / A ; A '- iss 63 1% A as at _ 2 ~ 4 o _ I ld! I I I I I l I ff# XI.; . ' ~ wi?/T 1/ _ Fm1=|==fPff,o- J ,_ AWTUaNE\< .sump vu nc t A i E w~ A1-.,_:~ -A. .~.;\; _-..._ _ . _., ..-_ ;'~r-~. ~%f:'@~rz. -Qi; 2;--:1-;:: f If 2 =,-5=&#`.;S= ~ .,,_/ -1 -.-\- ;. .ga _'ke- I "r\`1`i`1f__Vi1'1 ) r\1 V1 fi-IW 1 _NI i El) fo FA l- lik: l_ A i EN l Ul* li ILE. ADAM S_(`ll.\ NTZ, JR., OF l).\Y'l`()X, (llllO. 'l`l{{S'l`l'Il~1Ol<` .=\l).\Nl S('ll.\N'l`Z, Sli.. llli( 'l'I.\>3El ). TRADE-m/mx Fon P_u|=ur=|Eo wATEF._ _ _ _ ,W____* ~ _ No. 55,880. Statement and Declaration. Registered Aug. 21, 1906. Application filed April 17. 1905. Serial No. 2,032. _ L STATEMENT- ~ Y?) 'l// H'/I"/H* I7 ""'!/ U/1""""'f lraulu-m:ul< is :Il>lu'<>lu'i:uv<l is (`l:xss_~l5. lim'- = lh- u luu\\'n ilmt ;\l).\3l S(`ll.\X'l`Z,ll.. irus- _ vrugf-s. nun-=xl~olxoliv, mul ilu- p=u'ti<~ulau' dv- tcv of llu- vslutv of ;\l.\Af S(ll.\N'l`Z, hr., ilu- 1 s~rx|>tuu ul goods 4-<uu|uxsm-al su suul class <'\:\swl. :uul l0('Zli((l31ll(l(l0lllQl>llSilllSSlIl tlu\ i upon \\'llll\ suul il'iHl(-|lll|`l{ is usvd is puri- . city ol' l)=\ytm\. <~ou'nty ol )lontgo|m\1'}'. :uul ~ liwl \\':al~|'. ` Sluiv uf()l|io. as the .\n_\M S(`ll.\N'l`Z l:S'l`.\'l`l'Z. ; 'l`_lu~ lrauli--n==\:~l< is usually nllixm-<l clxrwftly E' lms:ul<p1v<l l`m'lus use-tlu~\|':ulv-murlt Sll()\\'ll i \o1lu~lo1\losly ll\(!ll\S o|`l:1lwls. lo llw vases lu ilu\ :u~<-mupauiyumg clraxwumg. ' 5 <~<ut:uumg ilu- pro<l\ul in luullvs, mul to tlu\ 'l`l1is tr:ula~-xunrla has lu-vu (()lli||lllUl~lSl_\' 1 l'2lS(S|ll lmxvs <-oul:uu|ug1lu~pro<lu<-l ui bulk usvcl hy .\n_\i\ S('ll.\N'l`Z, Jr.. mul his |uv<l<-- _ hy lll(ll\S ol` lulwls. ('lS$(\I`Sll\((' l)-m-4~xr\lu\x', 18519. E - .\l)_\f\l S(`ll.\N'l`Z, .lu.,_ 'l`lu\ <-lass nl nu\r<~lm\ul\sc~ to Wllltfll (luv Q 7`r~r1s{f-E ef r.wful' Q/` .llum Sf}lllIIf2, Sr. IJECL_A1=a_s'IIOJS|- Siui4uf()l\ln, ('U\llll}' nl`Mnl|lgul1\<l}', ss: l oi' tlu~ l`uit<\<l States. p:u'|i-ul;u'ly lwt\\'v<-11 Ann: S(l|.\N'l'Z_ .|;'_, lwmg <lulys\\~oru dv- tlu~ States ul (Hun, lsuliuuu. illuuns, Xlwlu- poses mul says tlunt l`u\ IS ilu' trusti-v ol ilu* _ gun. l)ll\ll:<}'l\`2ll\l2l, \\ vst \'uguuz\; New \ urk, 1-slate of .\n_\x\ S(ll.\X'|`Z. Sr., (l(('(2\S|(l, :uui A :uul l"l\u'ul=x: :uul that llu\ <l~s-r\p\|<u.<l|u\\'- iff |sllu\:||plu~:u\t l\I\ll\((i in tlu-l'o1'1=go\x\;5sntv- 1 mg :uul s}u'lll\<l1s pn-s-\\t<~<l llll`l\\'llll'iI'lll}' ?;__%:. uu\nt; that lu- lu-lu-v~s tlw fUI`(_[<ll|l_f state- |`(}\l`(S(l\\ tlu~ lrzulv-uuu'l< sought to lu- wg- i_'f3f_f nu~ul is true; tlml lu- lwlu\\<-s lu- is llu~ mvxu-r istvrcel. _ _ of ilu' il'illl(~lll2l|`l{ smiglil ln_ lu- l`4:gli('i((ll ` ADAM S(.H_\NTZ_ _,IL lluu un <\lu~r pi-|son_, lu m. <~m|uu'=\lnm on us- _ _~ .', ' tl ._- ` - ~ \ ix 3 _ _ _ _ slltl rt|m\,_\n llu_ usl ol l_us l\__|\\\\lm slgs uul Nun." tn mul S,,|N.,.,\,,,,| \,,_f,,,.,_ HN, HHS _M ~;;;;s;-A lu-lu-f, lms tlu- rnflu lu use s:u<l lraulv-mnult ~ , . _ - - - _ - " ~ - - , _ <ln\ ol -lul\. l|(l.. ~ my ~ulu~r in ilu- l(l|llll('3ll lnrm _nr ux :m_\ sm-lr 3 ~ _ - _ l\lIll` I'(Stl\\l)lIlllll tlu~r4-to us rmglu lu- vnlvu- 2 [|.. sl lt. l. 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