Trademark registration number: 6,440
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Registration date: 1878-08-06 online gazette
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Ex. T AVAILABLE COPY TRADE-MARK. F.G.PIEBRA. Lard. - No 6440 Registered Aug 6 1878 \\~D'S~s~ , _ 15; %&@,.f Q; , 5: 4'/Nc; 09 ./fy/a al/k.4Zff;'C'/ _ riff/--=-ffigy ( oc /,f;,5?..,, BY :rf __ ______, ATFORKEYK .i--|LAL$LE COPY UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Fl\!~TL ll. lll-fIII!.\, (IF IlIIO0KI.\`X, Xl'I\\` YORK. TRADE-MARK FOR LARD_ Suu-ment nf Tnulrdlarl Xa, ,| IO, |fC;;'4f'|'\" Angra-A G, IBIS; application ilu! July ZS, 1:73. ll: all fflii il may robrrrll: IL- itl.|\nw1||h:\! l. l"I`hlZl.(l. PIILRIA, llohi- rilul in the lfuilnl Sinus, and rt-aiding at Iinoklyn, in th- cz-smug' of Kin,-;.1 and Sute of Sew York- :mul doing business in th: city, n~nnl;'_ :md Saute ni Sew Yurk, have _ind :vlo|-Ord (ur my use a Tranlt-Yxrk fotlAni,of 1 hid: the follaring qroriltztion is a fldl, 1-le-ar, :pad and description. Bly trade BlI't 8 of the design and -mrds beninaliefdfqcxibcd. 'l`hoieni;:|coa< ~~ts of thxte at mon- nonntaimpcnks, fm! behind the a~lt1al0\fo('1rBr\aa;s||eu':abos\ halfthedhkcfthcvln. Tbenysdthesuu till the Arai-ini: 1:>\;a the :mtl the \al!e5~ lmu _thc mid peaks. _\!-o\.- `lLe mrs in the ton] ~~.\\I~f," in the '|n: of as rirflf, and brlwl (hr busts of tk mountains-|r<\ the 'souls Reining Com |Kll|},' al'-on in Un: un: of a cirrk. The words `-ave un- .tional may he oth-r<sLv unnged, md the ~ --l~ =-Ehftining (_ou1nn;'{l|oll5 . I f r 5 ouitlnl or rtplaoexl by otha \ron1r~, \rit\out materially clnngingtkrharactefdmyuado mark, the cum-:tial frntnfx of lluirh an Nl nn;tain~peak|g the san, and the wud .LYDm. ~ This trademark I luvejnsrt adopted forlse :ual intend my lmsileax '11aec!:umofme1~|n.|uliseto which the-trade nar<kisap|\ro|u'iated iszainal &s,:|nl the particular description of good; upon winch I use my mid trade-mark is rehned hul- l intrnd to staril [be trulehut :pun the bodacfiie casts rutziniag the lam. It nnyahobepriutulqpuhhehlnbeapplirel to the risks filtlilillf tho |znl,au1\ upon han-Ibilh, rirrularx, shot ~ rank. lnnsiu-sa canlg bill-t=al> lrtlcr-lsearis. :md in a|lorrml~ \'r~r1i>~r\\\nf1 l"ll)|-Il. (fl-ZUINIIC l|l-1l!`l!.\. \\'itl$r.-ara: ' _\RTlIl'R Suuvr., I_ \`E2A_'\'4.

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