Trademark registration number: 77932
Serial Number: 71047286
Registration date: 1910-05-17 online gazette
1 assignment
Class 48 Malt beverages and liquors
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Re-renewed May 17, 1950 to Los Angeles Brewing Company, of Los Angeles, California. .~-_- _. 4 rn/ in cfrzwm-~._ 1 ;;f-=><a;i use. i{jL"' " 1 ;~x.._.-re -r 63", F; \;;. L., ' .11 ~ tie yqials ,Lass g5 Q55 W' A.; /-1 ~.;: --?T*;'~: ~=:iu ';1,;: UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. LOS ANGELES BREWING CO., OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. _ TRADE-MARK FOR BEER. '7'7,932. Stafemen1i`a11<1Jieclarafion- ' Registered May '17, 1910. ~ Application filed January 21, 1910. Serial No. 47,286. , STATEMENT- To all whom it may concern: Be it known that Los ANGELES BRE\\7ING Co., a corporation duly organized, existing, and doing business under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, and hav~ ing its principal ofiice and place of business at Nos. 1920-2026 East Main street, in the city of Los Angeles, in said State, has adopted for its use the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for beer, in Class 48, Malt extracts and liquors. This trade-mark has been continuously used by the said corporation since the first day of October A. D. 1909. . The trade-mark is displayed on the pack~ ages containing the goods by branding sten- ciling or printing the same upon barrels and labels and corks used in packing the goods for sale. - Los ANGEEES BREWING Co., By GEORGE ZOBELEIN, E Preslclent. IDE CLABATION ._ State of California county of Los Angeles ss. GEORGE ZOBELEIN being duly sworn de- poses and says that he is president of the corporation the applicant named in the fore- going statement; that he verily believes that the foregoing statement is true; that he be- lieves the said corporation is the owner of the trademark sought to be registered, that no other person, firm, corporation, or associ- ation to the best of his knowledge and belief has the righgtor QQ _said trade-mark, either in the identical form orin such near reseni; blance thereto as might be calculated to de- ceive; that such trade-mark is used by the I said corporation in commerce among the sev- eral States of the United States and that the drawing presented for record truly repre- sents the trade-mark sought to be registered and the specimens (or facsimiles) show the trade-mark as actually used upon the goods. _ GEORGE ZOBELEIN. Subscribed and sworn to before ine, a no< tary public within and for said county and State, this 29th day of December 1909. 'O [Tis] is WILLIAM-IQRAEMER, _. Notary Public in anal for the Uozmtjz/ of Los Angeles, State of California.

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