Trademark registration number: 99,300
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Registration date: 1914-08-25 online gazette
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UNITED STATES-'EA a OFFICE. oonnmmnnos, or wasnmoros, nxsafmgjr or coruxnxa. umann-xlnx ron CBII»Dl?tB!§'S`PLAY-SUITS. 9Q,300. ' ‘ Registered Aug. 25. 1914. Appugun mea any 3. 1914. emu xo. nan. - STATEMENT. Toall whom it mQF1:`601l08TD : ' Be it known t at we, “GouinNn.snos,” a firm composed- of Moses Gommmzao, Junma M. Gownxuzno, and Memos H. Gomnxnnu, citizens of the United -States of America, domiciled in the city of Washington, Dis- trict of Columbia,_nnd doing business at Seventh and K streets, ~in, said city, have adopted for our _use the trade-mark shown in the accmnpanying drawing, the words “Play Suit 7' being disclaimed, for chil- dren’s play suits, in Class No. 39,»C1othi-ng. The trademark has been continually used in our business since Mai; 4, 1914. l _ The trademark is app ied or atlixed to the goods, or to the packages containing the same by placing thereon a printed ‘label on which the trademark is shown. , ' ` GOLDEl:IBERGS_ ' By JULIUS M. GOILDENBERG, ' A Member of the Firm. i t <e"_, , , _ _ ~:n>:|ng:;..e.L;|:=¢A.'2r::i:d;n<i'- City' ,of “fashington District of Columbia ' Jumps M. Gonna-zxunaoheing duly sworn, (lepbses and says’ that he is a member of the firm the applicant named in.the~ foxjegomg statement; that l~1e'believes< the foregoing statement is true; that he believes said firm is the owner of the trademark sought to be registered: that-no other person, nn, cor- mratiun or association, »to the best of his imowlediw and belief has the rightéto _nse said' trmlenm;'k,`eithe1' in the identical foiin or in any such. near resemblance thereto as might he 'calculated to deceive; that” said trademark' is 'used by said firm as commerqe among _the several States of ,the United States, and that -the description and draw- ing presented truly resresent the trademark .sought to be registere ; and that the speci- mens show the trademark as actually used upon' the goods. '° ' ` JULIUS M. GOLDENBERG. ~ Siulmivrilxecl by and sworn to befofe me, at \Vashing_,rton, D._G., this 6 day of May, 1914. l|..,n.] I `W. STUART HODGE , Notary Public. copies af an mae-mn: my be oaunm :er an mu, mn.” uiaremnnna “cumminuur n nam, ' ` ' Washington, D. U.” i

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