Trademark fun – Boo Berry and Friends

Seeing this display at the grocery store brought a smile. Note the small castle in the upper right corners (On top of the first O of Boo in the second picture). It’s also a registered trademark!

Trademarks in TESS
  Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead
1 85120589 4077828 (Boo Berry image) TSDR LIVE
2 85120585 4077827 (Castle image) TSDR LIVE
3 73701872 1511150 COUNT CHOCULA TSDR LIVE
4 72432972 0979045 BOO BERRY TSDR LIVE
5 72363813 0910456 (Frankenberry image) TSDR DEAD
6 72363812 0910455 FRANKEN BERRY TSDR LIVE
7 72363810 0903974 COUNT CHOCULA TSDR DEAD

Results today from this free form TESS search:
(4077827 or 4077828 or 0979045 or 0903974 or 1511150 or 0910456 or 0910455)[RN]

Registration Certificates

Trademark fun – Polly Stamps

Here’s a case where I used my own OCR Trademark database. This picture hangs on the wall of the best place to get an Italian beef in the Chicagoland area. Honestly, I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m just stating a fact. Anyway, if you are like me you’ll notice the word trademark in everyday life and want to know more. Sure you’ll find other Polly related items by googling but I’m looking for details on the trademark itself. A Trademark OCR search on this site for Polly stamp did not turn up anything but Smith stamps did. One of the results is for Registration No. 559,693 Registered June 3, 1952 to Audrey M. Smith of St. Louis, Mo.

The ocr search results for this trademark has a link to the pdf of the registration certificate. Here’s an image from a trademark held by the restaurant with the wall direction shown above.

An Interesting Design Patent!

Question: When is a design patent not a design patent?
Answer: When it is a trademark’s registration certificate of course!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all I came across this on

Design patent D17061’s drawing page is for a dish design but the specification page is actually the registration certificate for trademark 17061. A simple enough mistake right? But here’s the twist, the registration certificate online is almost illegible and is stamped ‘Best Available Copy’ but they’re wrong! The best copy is in D17061 which looks just about perfect!

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Creating a Searchable PDF File with OCRed Text

Patent Librarian and all-around good guy Jim Miller lamented the lack of OCR text in an Espacenet patent that was in Spanish. I’ve OCRed to produce text files that became a searchable online database but I hadn’t tried producing searchable pdfs. I offered to try to help anyway. In googling around, I found the June 4th comment at the bottom of this page that says that tesseract, an opensouce OCR program, can produce pdf files with embedded text. Continue reading “Creating a Searchable PDF File with OCRed Text”