Canadian cpcs

I’m a member of piug (Patent Information Users Group) and one day someone asked about cpcs. Not the new classification system (Cooperative Patent Classification) but the obsolete one (Canadian Patent Classification) phased out in 1989. Someone from the Canadian Patent Office replied with a pdf of the classifications! It was pointed out that it is quite similar to the uspto’s USPC (United States Patent Classification. It is just me, or have others noticed that the acronym’s meanings don’t seem very creative). I had already created a searchable page for USPCs so it wasn’t all that difficult to create one for Canadian CPCs. The really funny part was that the guy from the Canadian Patent Office replied saying that he shared the link to my CPC search with his colleges!

To quote the original poster, “Using the Canadian CPC is the only way to search hundreds of thousands of expired Canadian Patents that are not classified by IPC and are definitely not text searchable.”

The full piug thread is here and my Canadian CPC pages are listed here And yes, I know that saying Canadian CPC is redundant (the first C of CPC = Canadian) but I needed a way to distinguish it from the other CPC and didn’t want to spell out the acronyms each time.

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