Withdrawn Patents

Patents get withdrawn from time to time. Some are never issued but some are withdrawn after being issued. In the latter case, data for the withdrawn patent can be found in the wild. The patent office maintains a list of withdrawn patents at http://www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/patent-search/withdrawn-patent-number Separately, the patentsview api team processes the bulk grant patent xml … Continue reading “Withdrawn Patents”


DATAMP = Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents If you are looking for the patent associated with an antique tool, head over to datamp.org. It’s quite possible you’ll be able to find the tool patent you are looking for among the 70,000 or so patents there. I’m a developer of the site and one … Continue reading “Datamp”

When apis fail you

Sometimes there isn’t a way other than screen scraping to get the data you want, which is unfortunate. Screen scraping is like an arms race, if the uspto changes its web site, I have to change my script. I’d like to programmatically retrieve classification fields for the plant patents issued each Tuesday. I can’t use … Continue reading “When apis fail you”