Google Patents

Google patents is a good thing! It can be difficult to find the patent associated with a tool marked with a patent date. Sometimes the digits of the date or year are not as clear as you’d like, is that a zero, eight, or nine? Even worse is the dreaded “Patent Applied For”, you have no idea if or when the patent was issued. My success rate is not great but I was able to find one once, using google patents.

The pictured item is a fillet cutter, marked only “Pat Applied For”, in this case I knew what the item was, it can be even more difficult to find a patent if you don’t know what the item is.

I could have done classification searches on the patent office’s web site but I would have had to look at a lot of patents. Instead, I searched google patents for fillet cutter and was successful after only viewing a few other fillet cutters, which wasn’t unpleasant at all!

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