An Unexpected E. C. Atkins patent

I came across this patent while looking for Atkins’ trademarks. This was late in Elias’ patenting career, raising more questions than it answers. How or why does a saw magnate become involved with the manufacturing of soap? Future posts will showcase other renown inventors’ unexpected patents.

Three Disston Trademarks

I’m either a little late for the 74th or early for the 75th anniversary of a good day for Disston, a day on which three of their saw logos became registered trademarks. The etching upon the goods then had legal protection, other saw manufacturers couldn’t use similar etches without risking legal action.

A Simonds Saw Trademark

Here’s another saw manufacturer’s trademark from the heyday of hand saws. The trade mark has been continuously used and applied to said good in the business of said corporation since May 1st, 1924. The trade mark is applied or affixed to the goods by etching the same thereon. US Registration Certificate .