William Lauber’s Patents

Here’s an inventor, William Lauber of Milwaukee, WI, with an interesting array of patents. I became aware of him because of two tool handle patents he held, 1,425,598 and 1,507,071. In looking for other patents of his, I found a rotary engine patent 871,125, one for clothespins 1,507,072 and container bung 2,096,432. His company, The … Continue reading “William Lauber’s Patents”

A Well Known Jar

From Jeopardy today: A: The history of this jar dates to a patent filed on Nov. 30, 1858For “Improvment in Screw-neck bottles” Q: What is 22,186?

Another Unexpected E. C. Atkins Patent.

Here’s another head-scratcher. This time it’s a globe valve patent inexplicably assigned to the E. C. Atkins Company, a well known manufacturer of hand saws!

Laroy Starrett’s Non-tool Patent

Most of Laroy’s patents are for micrometers, try squares and other machinists’ tools for the company he created. So why exactly did he patent an Improvement in car couplings?

Justus Traut’s Non-tool Patents

Justus A. Traut was another prolific inventor for the The Stanley Rule & Level Co. of New Britain, CT. Shown above are just a few of Justus’ non-tool related patents. 63,341 Mar. 26, 1867 Rubber belting for polishing 107,125 Sep. 06, 1870 Improved device for cutting wire or cord from bottle-stoppers 395,528 Jan. 01, 1889 Box Handle 397,449 Feb. 05, 1889 Bottle Stopper … Continue reading “Justus Traut’s Non-tool Patents”

Leonard Bailey’s Printing Ink Patent

Here’s another example of a well known tool inventor straying into unfamiliar territory. Leonard Bailey, of Stanley Rule & Level Co. fame, was issued a patent for Printer’s Ink. I would love to know how or why that happened!