Justus Traut’s Non-tool Patents

Justus A. Traut was another prolific inventor for the The Stanley Rule & Level Co. of New Britain, CT. Shown above are just a few of Justus’ non-tool related patents.

63,341Mar. 26, 1867Rubber belting for polishing
107,125Sep. 06, 1870Improved device for cutting wire or cord from bottle-stoppers
395,528Jan. 01, 1889Box Handle
397,449Feb. 05, 1889Bottle Stopper
400,272Mar. 26, 1889Bottle Stopper
408,364Aug. 06, 1889Bottle Stopper
431,086Jul. 01, 1890Bottle Opener
431,859Jul. 08, 1890Key chain
442,153Dec. 09, 1890Buckle
442,926Dec. 16, 1890Trousers stretcher
443,245Dec. 23, 1890Buckle
446,543Feb. 17, 1891Suspender buckle
446,721Feb. 17, 1891Suspender buckle
446,722Feb. 17, 1891Suspender buckle
447,924Mar. 10, 1891Suspender Buckle
448,791Mar. 24, 1891Bag holding apparatus
452,880May 26, 1891Method of making suspender buckles
D21,400Mar. 15, 1892Design for a clasp
471,259Mar. 22, 1892Suspender buckle case
D21,517May 03, 1892Buckle
478,772Jul. 12, 1892Trousers Guard
480,791Aug. 16, 1892Cast off buckle
480,792Aug. 16, 1892Snap hook
481,213Aug. 23, 1892Buckle
511,820Jan. 02, 1894Clasp

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