Bulk Data Shortcomings

ppubs is the uspto’s granted patent searching screen. It slices, dices and lets you make simple or complex queries. What I would like would be for the uspto to provide all the underlying bulk data available to the publlic. They have made a staggering amount data available, but naturally in doing so they have left me wanting more! I dream of winning a contest where I get access to the uspto’s database for a little while- like those contests where someone gets to run through a department store grabbing what they can in the time allowed.

uspto bulk data
Yes11976-date patent data
YesUSPC data for patents issued before May 2016 and all plant patents
YesCPC data for utility patents
NoCPC data for plant and reissued patents
NoIPC data for patents
NoInventor names2 for patents 1920 thru 1975
Nodocument numbers

1 There are 305 patents not in the xml files out of literally millions of available patents.
2try this search: edison.in. and @py>=1920<=1929 to see Edison’s patents of the 1920s