Canadian Patent Classification Search

Search the obsolete Canadian Patent Classification subclasses for something interesting like anvils.

Also acceptable is a subclass definition like 119/57 Full class definitions are here.

Here I initially spun the dial on the wayback machine a little too far. We stopped on 1985 as we listen to the Bowling For Soup song with that year as its title before I realized I need to turn the knob a little bit forward. We then come to rest late in 1989, just before the Canadian Patent Office drops its Canadian Patent Classification (humorously acronymed CPC which is the same as the de jour Cooperative Patent Classification scheme currently in vogue). You can get yourself copies of the Canadian Patent Classification pdfs from the piug website or search my database table generated from those pdfs! You can then use these long obsolete cpc's to search the cipo web site to find older patents that were historically categorized under those classifications, as if you are back in the day when the Canadian Patent Classifications were all the rage.

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